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PROINSO awarded the supply of several solar farms in Greece with an output exceeding 3.2 MW

The orders include the supply of 139 MECASOLAR trackers (1.5 MW) for the island of Crete manufactured in the company’s factory in Thessaloniki.

§ In the first of the contracts, PROINSO will supply 900 kW of modules and SMA inverters for solar photovoltaic projects in Crete, developed by the Greek company Hellas ADIVA.
§ The second supply agreement, signed with the company REW Hellas, includes 1.77 MW of TRINA modules and SMA inverters, for a solar farm in the prefecture of Pella (Central Macedonia).
§ These agreements consolidate the position of PROINSO and MECASOLAR in Greece and strengthen the international leadership position of OPDE in the solar photovoltaic market.
§ PROINSO forecasts for 2010 are aimed at supplying 20% of the MW output installed during the current year in Greece.

The Spanish company PROINSO- specialized in the distribution of modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for photovoltaic systems, has been awarded the supply of various solar photovoltaic farms in Greece which will all together amount to more than 3.2 MW of installed capacity. By signing these agreements, PROINSO and MECASOLAR consolidate their leadership position in the Greek market, where they are gaining ground internationally.

According to reports from the multinational PROINSO- part of Grupo OPDE, the first distribution agreements have been signed with the company ADIVA Hellas for several photovoltaic solar farms located on the island of Crete and include the supply of 900 kW of SMA modules and inverters.

Furthermore, also in Crete, PROINSO has signed several contracts to supply one hundred and thirty-nine 2-axis MECASOLAR trackers- manufactured in the company’s factory in Thessaloniki, for different 80 kW installations on the Greek island and of which to date 89 have been supplied. Together these trackers reach 1.5 MW and strengthen the presence of MECASOLAR on the Island of Crete.

In fact, PROINSO will finalise during this month of March a new even bigger order enabling MECASOLAR to reach leadership in market share for solar photovoltaic trackers in Greece.

Supply in the region of Central Macedonia

Another of the supplies agreed on will be carried out in a solar farm located in the Pella prefecture to the north of the country (region of Central Macedonia). For this farm, PROINSO has signed a distribution agreement with a local company REW Hellas which involves the supply of 1.77 MW of TRINA modules and SMA invertors, SMC11000TL model.

“PROINSO was selected by this important Greek company for their availability, logistic service in Thessaloniki , competitive prices and above all because of the know-how and added value offered to the customer in the configuration of their project by the commercial engineers from PROINSO HELLAS, to maximize the production of solar energy, PROINSO confirmed.


The estimate by PROINSO for 2010 is that in Greece about 45 MW will be installed, of which the company expects to supply 15% of the total. With orders exceeding 3.2 MW already closed, PROINSO have already have already obtained a rate of more than 7% of this market.

As regards trackers, MECASOLAR estimate that they will install 30% of the total market (about 12 MW) of which, at present, PROINSO have already formalized 15%.

Apart from that, PROINSO HELLAS also stresses the “warm welcome” they have received from Greek installers for their qualified installer program. So far, PROINSO HELLAS boasts 13 qualified installers, in addition to REW Hellas and ADIVA Hellas, with which the company is working closely on the commercial, supply and technical support side. The PROINSO (www.proinso.net) website features information relating to projects implemented by the Network of Qualified Installers PROINSO.

Corporate Information

PROINSO is a Grupo OPDE company specialized in engineering and supply for photovoltaic solar plants. The company has distributed to date more than 250 MW in modules and 180 MW in inverters and trackers. PROINSO has distribution agreements with Trina and REC for modules and with SMA for inverters and is responsible for engineering and distribution of trackers and MECASOLAR fixed structures.

It is the first global distributor of TRINA modules, as announced by the manufacturer on 29 October with the signing of over 108 MW of supply for 2009-2010. It is also the leading distributor of SMA inverters and expects to close 2009 with over 140 MW in orders with the German manufacturer.

It has offices in Spain, Greece, Italy and California (USA). In 2008, PROINSO turnover was €460 million, which positions it as an indisputable dealer of reference worldwide.