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OPDE ITALY connects 17 MW in Italy in 2010 and will have constructed 200 MW by 2012

• The eleven farms constructed and connected by OPDE ITALY in 2010, totalling 17 MW, are located in the regions of Puglia and Piedmont. 85 million Euros have been invested in their construction.

• The Italian subsidiary OPDE ITALY, part of Grupo OPDE whose headquarters are in Spain, are currently constructing a 5.2 MW farm in Fossano in the Piedmont region and, in the first quarter of 2011, will undertake the construction of a further 22 MW in the Piedmont region.

• OPDE ITALY will make an investment this year of 316 million Euros in new photovoltaic solar farms in Italy, totalling 80.4 MW, giving direct and indirect employment to more than 375 people during this financial year.

• OPDE ITALY anticipates to have constructed in Italy by 2012 a total of 200 MWs, hence accumulating a total investment of €850 million in Italy.

19 of January of 2011. – The Italian company OPDE ITALY – part of the Spanish GRUPO OPDE and specialized in the promotion of photovoltaic solar farms in Italy,- has connected a total of eleven photovoltaic solar farms in Italy in 2010, totalling 17 MW of power and in which an investment of 85 million Euros has been carried out. This amount will see the addition of another solar farm shortly, presently under construction, in Piedmont (Cuneo), of 5.2 MW of power and which will be connected to the grid during the first quarter of this year.

Of the 11 farms constructed and connected by OPDE in 2010
, eight are located in the region of Puglia, to the south of Italy, concretely in the municipalities of Ruatella, Ginosa, San Nicandro, Lucera and Mottola. As a whole, they total 7.8 MW power and have been constructed using MECASOLAR fixed structures. The other three farms connected in 2010 are located in the region of Piedmont, in the localities of Bosco Marengo (6.5 MW), Quattordio (1.4 MW) and Casale Monferrato (1.2 MW). These three farms incorporate MECASOLAR 1-axis solar trackers. These can be added to the 5.2 MW of the farm in Fossano in the region of Cuneo, mentioned previously, and that will be connected in this first quarter of 2011.

According to OPDE management, the company has more than 58 MW on their books with unique authorization in diverse zones of the region of Piedmont such as Alessandria, Cuneo and Turin, ready to initiate the construction in the first semester of 2011. OPDE ITALY considers that they will be able to begin construction of 22 MW in this first quarter, of the 58 MW that it has on its books.


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