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ONYX Insight’s fleetMONITOR upgrade enables System 1 capability for enhanced turbine condition monitoring

ONYX Insight has unveiled a new upgrade to its fleetMONITOR technology which will enable wind operators to monitor the health of their turbines using data from Bently Nevada System 1.

For more than 10 years, fleetMONITOR, the wind turbine condition monitoring application by ONYX Insight, has led the way with integrating data from multiple condition monitoring systems (CMS) into a single, powerful, cloud hosted platform.

Now fleetMONITOR has the capability to monitor data from System 1 in addition to the existing 13 systems already supported.

This upgrade provides additional flexibility for asset owners and operators to view, analyse and act on data from all their CMS systems within a single application.

This saves significant time and money and provides operators the ability to build comprehensive operation and maintenance strategies.

ONYX Insight offers three solutions for owners with Bently Nevada hardware. Asset managers can integrate the CMS data directly into fleetMONITOR from the older ADAPT.Wind or newer System 1 servers, or upgrade the Bently Nevada box with ecoCMS-flex, a fast exchange of the unit whilst retaining the sensors, for increased capability.

Gary Johnstone, Senior Product Manager, ONYX Insight, said: “Common feedback from our customers is that their data is spread over many different systems and this complexity makes it difficult for them to efficiently identify and resolve the issues that will have the biggest impact on their global fleet performance. fleetMONITOR is a best-in-class hardware independent condition monitoring platform that enables our customers to simplify their monitoring approach and gain clear, accurate insight without the need to switch between different applications.

“fleetMONITOR has a proven track record of operating at scale across a fleet of more than 16,000 wind turbines. On a typical day, the softwareprocesses 5 million signals, evaluates 1 million trend points, automatically triggers 800 alarms and identifies 5 new serious faults.  It is a highly automated, scalable, and efficient solution that plays a vital role in identifying and diagnosing potential reliability issues for operators every day. ONYX Insight’s own research found that 70 percent of senior professionals from the sector identified the efficient identification & diagnosis of issues at scale as a challenge for the wind industry moving forward.”

The newly upgraded fleetMONITOR software has already been implemented by Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, one of the USA’s top renewable energy companies, across its operations.

James Bezner, Director of Performance Services at Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, said “With ONYX we’re able to smoothly handle the transition of servers from ADAPT.Wind to System 1 and bring all our CMS data into fleetMONITOR including SCADA and online oil monitoring for efficient fleet monitoring in a single application.”

This capability is available now and delivering value to ONYX Insight customers.

For wind operators who are looking for a tool to bring all their CMS systems into one application, visit: https://onyxinsight.com/contact-us/.