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New research programme set to develop knowledge on noise mitigation for floating offshore wind

Work has begun on a collaborative marine research project aimed at identifying design innovations and best practice in monitoring and mitigating underwater noise associated with floating offshore wind developments.

Experts from the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE) will work alongside project partners EquinorJASCO Applied Sciences, Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), and Xi Engineering, with ORE Catapult serving as project lead. The project has been jointly funded by The Crown Estate and the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence.

Underwater noise is a key consideration of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for floating offshore wind developments. While the industry has gathered significant data banks relating to noise emissions associated with bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines, fewer sources exist for floating offshore wind.

The FLOWN-MIT programme has been developed to enhance understanding of environmental impacts while promoting a consistent, evidence-based approach to monitoring and mitigating potential risks. Its work is expected to complete in Spring 2026.

Andrew Stormonth-Darling, Principal Portfolio Manager – Floating Wind at ORE Catapult, said: “This important project will build on our existing body of knowledge, as well as other key industry studies, to deliver this novel research. The team will harness live operational data from commercial floating offshore windfarms to model an accurate acoustic profile of noise emissions from floating offshore wind turbines.

“This research will involve a thorough environmental risk review, and identify appropriate noise monitoring and mitigating tools and techniques designed to facilitate a consistently well-informed, efficient, evidence-based consenting process.”

Olivia Thomas, Head of Planning & Technical, Marine, The Crown Estate, said: “As stewards of the seabed, we are committed to fostering responsible development of our offshore environment. This initiative is an important milestone in achieving evidence-led, sustainable offshore wind development.

“Through pioneering solutions to mitigate underwater noise, we are not only de-risking the consenting process for offshore wind developments but also protecting marine wildlife, supporting biodiversity and nature recovery.

“This research aligns with our mission to create lasting value, ensuring that the economic and social benefits of renewable energy are realised in harmony with the natural environment.”

Established by The Crown Estate, the £50 million Offshore Wind Evidence and Change programme brings together a coalition of 26 government organisations, industry bodies, and environmental NGOs to collaborate and act as agents for change in the face of climate and biodiversity crises. The FLOWN-MIT programme is among 35 projects funded by the initiative to fill critical evidence gaps around the sustainable development of offshore wind.

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About ORE Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence

The Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE) is a collaborative programme with industry, academic and stakeholder partners which was developed with key environmental stakeholders and topic-specific specialists when it was identified that knowledge gaps exist relating to FOW underwater noise.

FLOWN-MIT will be delivered as part of FOW CoE’s Environmental Interactions Strategic Programme (EISP), which was launched in 2022 with the aim of coordinating and delivering a range of activities to address FOW-specific environmental and consenting knowledge gaps.

About The Crown Estate

We work across communities, cities, countryside, coast and the seabed with a responsibility – and opportunity – to play our part for the benefit of the nation, its finances and its future.

At the heart of our business lies a set of core duties to grow both the value of the portfolio into perpetuity and the income we return to the Treasury. Established through an Act of Parliament, we operate independently and commercially, occupying a space between the public and private sectors. Today, we express this through our purpose: to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation.

Across our £16 billion portfolio, we are acting in the national interest for today and for future generations. Our strategy focuses on the nation’s long-term challenges where we are best placed to make a difference. We aim to:

  • be a leader in supporting the UK towards a net zero and energy-secure future;
  • take a leading role in stewarding the UK’s natural environment and biodiversity;
  • support thriving inclusive communities and economic growth; and
  • responsibly generate value and financial returns for the country.

A company for the country, all our net revenue profit goes to the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances. This has totalled more than £3.2 billion over the last ten years.

About OWEC

Established by The Crown Estate, the Offshore Wind Evidence and Change Programme brings together a coalition of 26 government organisations, industry bodies, and environmental NGOs to collaborate and act as agents for change in the face of climate and biodiversity crises. This is achieved through a range of prioritised projects that will create a data and evidence base that can be used to shape the future of offshore wind and the marine environment.

Projects, which are led by individual members of the UK-wide programme and other important partners, are made possible through drawing down from a £50m funding commitment by The Crown Estate. It is delivered in partnership with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The programme is part of The Crown Estate’s broader commitment to work in partnership with a wide range of organisations that have a role to play offshore to ensure that the UK’s increasingly busy sea space can continue to catalyse home grown clean energy for all, jobs and investment for communities and a considerate, sustainable approach which respects the nation’s rich marine biodiversity.

For more information contact:

Pamela Bailey, PR Manager, ORE Catapult, 07771 206307pamela.bailey@ore.catapult.org.uk

Amy Fitzgibbon, Communications Manager (Marine), The Crown Estate, 07391 419317,   Amy.Fitzgibbon@thecrownestate.co.uk

About the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult

ORE Catapult is the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy, established in 2013 by the UK Government as part of a network of Catapults set up by Innovate UK in high growth industries.

Independent and trusted, with a unique combination of world leading test and demonstration facilities, engineering and research expertise, ORE Catapult convenes the sector, delivering applied research, accelerating technology development, reducing risk and cost, and enhancing UK-wide economic growth.

ORE Catapult operates in Glasgow, Blyth, Levenmouth, Aberdeen, the Humber, the East of England, the South West, and Wales.