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New PV mounting system for energy generation on green roofs: GreenRoof Vento creates a win-win situation

In view of the increasing demand for climate-friendly solutions for sustainable energy generation and the growing importance of green roofs, K2 Systems is introducing a new product this spring. K2 GreenRoof Vento for green roofs optimally complements the popular flat roof systems from the Renningen-based mounting system specialist. This efficient solution combines the advantages of green roofs and photovoltaic systems, creating a win-win situation for the environment and for residents.

In 2022, 8,700,000 square metres of roof surfaces were greened in Germany, establishing Germany as one of the world leaders in the installation of green roofs and, according to the German Green Roof and Living Wall Association (Bundesverband GebäudeGrün BuGG), showing impressive growth of 141 per cent between 2008 and 2022. The association describes the increasing demand for solar green roofs as one of the most important industry trends. The potential of such sustainable energy generation is undisputed, as the integration of photovoltaic systems on green roofs avoids an “eitheror” situation and instead utilises the advantages of both systems. Especially as, according to a recent study, the output of PV systems can increase by up to 8 per cent if they are installed on green roofs. According to the study, this is achieved by a cooling effect due to transpiration and evaporation by the plants, as well as their ability to absorb dust. The experts see a further influencing factor in the diffuse reflection of sunlight by the foliage.

K2 GreenRoof Vento joins the family of K2 flat roof systems

K2 Systems already has various solutions for green roofs in its portfolio: these range from the ballastoptimised K2 Dome systems to the flexible K2 Triangle/MultiAngle system and K2 TiltUp Vento.

K2 GreenRoof Vento now offers an optimised solution for overcoming the challenges of installing photovoltaic systems on green roofs, which are “keeping plants at a distance” but at the same time “allowing them to thrive”. For example, the K2 development team took care to minimise disruption to the greenery with small feet so that even low-growing mosses and succulents continue to receive light and water. At the same time, the system naturally guarantees a firm stand and is statically optimised. The greater distance between the module and the roof prevents the modules from being shaded by excessive vegetation.

The option of arranging modules in portrait and landscape with an elevation angle of either 10 or 15 degrees offers planners and installers a versatile solution for various construction projects. The maximum module size that can be mounted with K2 GreenRoof Vento is 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm.

“By expanding our portfolio with K2 GreenRoof Vento, we are delighted to be able to offer an innovative solution that simplifies the planning and installation of green roof projects while maximising the efficiency of photovoltaic systems,” explains Katharina David, Co-CEO at K2 Systems. This win-win situation on roofs is gaining wide acceptability as more and more local authorities are subsidising the combination of green roofs with PV or solar thermal systems through funding programmes.”

K2 GreenRoof Vento ensures stability and – thanks to the greater distance from module to roof – reliably prevents the modules from being shaded by excessive vegetation.

About K2 Systems:

We connect strengths: innovative mounting systems, digital technology and people with the know-how and energy to drive sustainable solutions.

Since 2004, K2 Systems has stood for global power generation from solar energy. The heart is the development of easy-toinstall mounting systems that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. The soul is the common spirit of all employees. Together, we define technical innovation and set new service standards digitally as well.

At our headquarters in Renningen and our twelve international locations, we develop and sell mounting systems together with 400 employees for the photovoltaic systems of this world.

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