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Nearthlab Expands into Contactless Lightning Protection System Inspection

Streamlining post-lightning maintenance protocols with autonomous drone technology

June 20, 2024 – Nearthlab, a leading provider of autonomous drone solutions, now offers inspection services for lightning protection systems (LPS). This breakthrough was made by integrating Enertrag’s patented LPS measurement system into Nearthlab’s cutting-edge payload technology.

Traditional LPS inspections often involve repetitive drilling to check cables beneath turbine blades, relying on rough estimates of where damage might be. Nearthlab’s non-contact inspections, however, use advanced sensors to detect changes in electromagnetic fields and pinpoint the precise location of damage. Doing so eliminates unnecessary drilling, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

“Our roots are in wind operations and maintenance, and this expansion underscores our commitment to enhancing turbine maintenance with cutting-edge drone technology,” said Jay Choi, co-founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled to offer equipment manufacturers and asset owners a smarter, more efficient maintenance solution.”

LPS inspections have been successfully conducted at offshore sites across Europe and Japan and are set to expand further.

About Nearthlab

Nearthlab has been redefining drone solutions since 2015, pushing practical boundaries beyond industry norms. We seamlessly blend top-notch software and hardware to address diverse needs, from reconnaissance and surveillance to public safety and infrastructure inspection.

Nearthlab’s solutions prioritize simplicity. No learning curve — just adaptable, user-friendly designs tailored to the unique needs of various industries. Our solutions find the sweet spot in balancing hardware, software, size, and cost without having to make compromises.

Precision in data collection and a commitment to safety define Nearthlab. In high-risk scenarios such as post-disaster search and rescue missions, our solutions step up to enhance operational efficiency.

Consider Nearthlab your steadfast partner in cultivating a safer, more efficient future.

Explore more at https://www.nearthlab.com/ and connect with us on LinkedIn.