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MECASOLAR supplies 500 kW of 2-axis trackers for solar photovoltaic project in California

This is the first in a series of projects in the United States in which the company will participate, with approximately 30 MW expected to be installed between 2009-2010

· The project, in which MECASOLAR is involved, aims to reduce energy costs for pumping water in Reclamation District 108 located in Yola in the state of California. This pumping is common practise when extracting water in California, substantially increasing water costs.


· PROINSO, integrated in the OPDE Group, is responsible for the supply and logistics of the project, providing 34 trackers (500 kW) MECASOLAR model MS-2E TRACKER 10 and the TRINA 230 Wp modules (230Wp Model TSMT05 Poli). It also advises local engineering companies on the configuration and implementation of the project currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in early November.

· MECASOLAR, which will open a new production plant in the San Francisco area over the coming months, will be among the main players at the Solar Power Expo Fair to be held from 27 to 29 October in Anaheim (California. Stand 111).

The Spanish company MECASOLAR- solar trackers and fixed structures manufacturer for solar photovoltaics, is taking part in a project in California for which they have provided a total of thirty-four 2-axis trackers; MS-2E TRACKER which will provide some 500 kW of power.

This is the first in a series of U.S. projects involving MECASOLAR; the company integrated in OPDE, who will in the coming months open a new factory in San Francisco and are already supplying their products to the U.S. market.

According to MECASOLAR, the project for which they have already provided their trackers is currently being developed in Reclamation District 108 near the town of Yolo (California) with completion expected in early October. The aim is to reduce energy costs of pumping water from the area. This is common practice in California, and contributes to increasing the price of water for users; hence the interest in lowering the pumping costs.

Apart from providing trackers, PROINSO engineering-also part of the OPDE- is responsible for the complete supply of the TRINA modules with an output of 230 Wp (230Wp Model TSM Poli) and the logistics of the project. Additionally, the company has advised local engineering on the configuration and execution of the project.

Continuing its commitment to the U.S. market, MECASOLAR will be one of the leading players in the International Solar power fair to be held from 27 to 29 October in Anaheim (California. Stand 111). The company took part beforehand in the Intesolar USA fair where they met with huge success and requests for orders. Noteworthy is that this project in Yolo, was formalized during the Intersolar USA Fair, held in San Francisco during the month of July. On this occasion for the Solar Power Expo fair the company will present its 2-Axis Trackers, Seasonal Azimuth 1-Axis Trackers, and the Fixed Structures.

Currently MECASOLAR have some 30 MW on their order books which they intend formalize during the Solar Power Expo fair. The supply will take place between late 2009 and early 2010. These projects, of varying sizes and mostly located in California, will be delivered from the manufacturing plant opening soon in the San Francisco area.

The arrival of MECASOLAR in the U.S. market is supported by its experience in the solar photovoltaic markets in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, where it is the leader in turnover and production, having reached the manufacturing figure of 180 MW for these markets. MECASOLAR has production centres in Spain, Greece and now in California-USA and is currently studying opening a new factory in Italy.

Company Information:

MECASOLAR www.mecasolar.com

MECASOLAR, a company integrated in the OPDE group, specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of 2-axis solar trackers, 1-axis solar trackers and fixed structures, using state-of-the-art technology. Their 2-axis trackers can increase solar photovoltaic energy by more than 35% in comparison to fixed installations and have a 10 year warranty on parts and labour. Their seasonal azimuth 1-axis trackers maximize production up to 28% compared to the fixed structures and require minimum space -2.51 Hectares/1MW -. Furthermore, MECASOLAR Fixed Structures are the most cost-competitive on the market, around 0.085 € / Wp.

MECASOLAR reached in 2008 a turnover exceeding €140 million, making it the leader in production, with 180 MW produced and the highest total sales figure in its sector. It has five factories in Spain, one in Greece and one in the United States in California. As part of its expansion plan, it intends to open another in Italy in 2010, a project that is currently under study.

MECASOLAR products are 100% bankable and have been accredited by the major companies that perform Due Diligence Techniques for Project Finance as well as the major banks such as Barclays, Santander, BBVA and Banesto, among others.