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Major order in UK: Deutsche Windtechnik extends and upgrades the existing contract for 61 Siemens turbines including major components

Deutsche Windtechnik and Ventient Energy are further expanding their cooperation in the area of wind turbine service: Over the next three years, Deutsche Windtechnik will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the 61 Siemens turbines at the Causeymire and Farr wind farms in the Scottish Highlands operated by Ventient Energy. What is new is that the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of major components is now part of the contractual scope.  

Ventient Energy and Deutsche Windtechnik have been working together successfully and trustingly for many years on various wind farms in the UK. The full maintenance contract for the 21 Siemens type SWT 2.3 turbines at the Causeymire wind farm and the 40 Siemens type SWT 2.3 turbines at Farr wind farm has been in effect since 2016.

Minimized risks and a trusted partnership 

John Morris, Head of Asset Management, Ventient Energy in UK: “By incorporating major components into the comprehensive maintenance contract, Deutsche Windtechnik is assuming a broader responsibility for turbine operation. This strategic move not only minimizes our risk but also underscores our commitment to a trusted partnership, aligning with our collective vision of not just meeting but working towards exceeding our operational targets in the years to come.”

“We are very happy that this new contract affirms the trust that characterises our relationship, and we will bring all of our expertise to bear to ensure maximum smooth turbine operation at both wind farms. The well-established, transparent way we work together and the comprehensive technical expertise for Siemens technologies that we have at our company form a very good basis for continued success together,” said Louise Stott, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. With this new contract, Deutsche Windtechnik now has 199 Siemens wind turbines (349 MW) under contract in the UK alone. Worldwide, more than 1,100 of the 8,000 wind turbines managed by Deutsche Windtechnik are based on Siemens technology, and more than two-thirds of them have full maintenance contracts.