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Introducing ABLOY CUMULUS Swing Handle: Keyless access solution for business optimisation

ABLOY unveils the ABLOY CUMULUS Swing Handle, a smartphone-operated solution for keyless access. This robust locking product is designed to bolster the operations in various businesses, including data centres, utilities and maintenance, by enhancing processes and keeping society running smoothly.

JOENSUU, FINLAND – 18th June, 2024 – ABLOY, a global leader in security, is proud to announce the launch of the innovative ABLOY CUMULUS Swing Handle for keyless access via smartphone. The handle is designed to meet the needs of professionals who safeguard our society’s vital services in various sectors, from commercial organisations to critical infrastructure.

The Swing Handle has a wide array of applications. It can be used across numerous industries with needs ranging from telecom, fibre and electrical cabinets to server environments. It is also well-suited for CCTV camera control, monitoring automation and storage cabinets. Moreover, its robust design makes it ideal for outdoor installations such as electric charging stations, as well as traffic control and street light cabinets.

“In today’s unpredictable times, securing physical assets and ensuring staff safety is paramount. Our Swing Handle, compatible with the ABLOY CUMULUS access management platform, provides a secure and convenient keyless solution for outdoor cabinets used by various industries including data centres, utilities and maintenance,” says Hanna Sillanpää, Head of Digital Solutions at Abloy.

Robust design meets digital: The reliable solution for authorised access

The shift towards digital access rights and seamless, location-independent and keyless management is at the heart of ABLOY solutions. The sturdy, waterproof CUMULUS Swing Handle is designed to endure harsh conditions and meets industry standards for durability (IP66) and resistance (IK10). It also features a real-time clock to reliably log lock state and audit trails.

The CUMULUS family already includes a range of other products, such as padlocks, controllers and key deposits, all crafted for optimal security and accessibility. These products are designed to work seamlessly with the ASSA ABLOY Access management system. Furthermore, CUMULUS offers application programming interfaces (APIs) for easy integration with third-party systems, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience.

“Our advanced battery-powered technologies enable real-time, authorised access. The Swing Handle, a crucial part of the comprehensive CUMULUS solution, can be integrated with other applications and software, ensuring secure digital operations, and providing an exceptional customer experience,” comments Hanna Sillanpää.

Product specifications and features:

  • Available in platforms: ABLOY CUMULUS
  • Material
    • Lock body: Zamac (zinc), and Grivory composite,
    • Locking mechanism: Steel
  • Mechanical key use option: (optional feature) ABLOY PROTEC2, ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ
  • Certification: meets RC2 and IK10 standards
  • Protection against environmental factors: IP66 (when handle is closed), IP54 (when handle is open)
  • Temperature range: −25 C° to +60 C°
  • Battery lifecycle: 5 years / 5000 open cycles


The CUMULUS Swing Handle is immediately available for purchase directly from authorised ABLOY distributors. For a list of distributors in your area, please visit https://www.abloy.com/global/en/distribution

Additional information

Multimedia: For press images, please see the attached files. A product video can be viewed at youtu.be/EY4vCt98NMw.

Commercial enquiries: https://www.abloy.com/global/en/contact-us

Media enquiries: Hanna Sillanpää, Head of Digital Solutions, Abloy Oy, hanna.sillanpaa@abloy.com, tel. +358 50 470 0158

Visit the CUMULUS webpage for more details: https:/abloy.com/cumulus