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INNOVATION An Energy Revolution in Motion

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, a remarkable technological breakthrough is reshaping the standards of the solar industry. IMEON’s teams, in collaboration with researchers from ENSEA and the GEEPS laboratory at Centrale SUPELEC, have developed revolutionary photovoltaic inverters using transistors incorporating silicon carbide crystals. This major advancement promises to transform the power grid by cutting in half the cost of solar energy production.

Silicon Carbide: A Game-Changing Semiconductor

At the heart of this innovation lies silicon carbide, a material with exceptional properties as a semiconductor. Capable of conducting electricity while acting as an insulator, silicon carbide offers revolutionary potential for photovoltaic inverters. This technology not only optimizes solar energy conversion with efficiency exceeding 99% but also opens new doors for unprecedented applications.

Reducing Solar Energy Production Costs

The primary application of this technological breakthrough is the reduction of solar energy production costs. With exceptional conversion efficiency, energy losses become nearly nonexistent, allowing for more electricity production with the same solar panel area. Additionally, the inverter housing becomes half the size, thus accelerating the reduction of manufacturing costs. This advancement will position solar energy as the cheapest source in the world, paving the way for massive global adoption.


Active Grid Filtering

A double advantage. In addition to cost reduction, the second innovative application of these silicon carbide inverters lies in their ability to generate active grid filtering. This functionality cleans the electrical grid, thereby avoiding the need for expensive equipment required to maintain grid quality. IMEON technology thus offers an integrated solution, contributing to stabilizing the electrical grid while producing solar electricity.







Benefits for the Future of the Electrical Grid

Dr. Phulpin from the GEEPS laboratory commends this technological breakthrough, highlighting the considerable benefits it promises for the future of the electrical grid. « Not only does it pave the way for more affordable and efficient solar energy, but it also contributes to strengthening the stability and quality of the overall electrical grid. IMEON photovoltaic inverters based on silicon carbide represent a significant advancement in the field of solar energy, » he explains.

This innovation promises to play a crucial role in transitioning to cleaner and more accessible energy, with profound implications for the future of our global electrical grid.


Established in 2013, IMEON ENERGY is the #1 company in France and a global leader in smart inverters. The company has developed an innovative electronic system that enables homes to become autonomous through the intelligent use of solar installations coupled with batteries. This solution enhances overall efficiency through artificial intelligence. It caters to individuals, installers, and businesses. The company is currently preparing for its initial public offering on EURONEXT GROWTH.

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