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Ingeteam launches a 100 kW three-phase battery inverter

View of the INGECON SUN STORAGE 100TL, 100-kW battery Inverter.

This inverter will be presented at the Genera trade show in Madrid between November 16 and 18.

November the 2nd, 2021. Ingeteam has launched a new battery inverter on the market: the INGECON SUN STORAGE 100TL. This three-phase converter has a nominal power of 100 kW, which is capable of supplying up to 50 ºC of ambient temperature. This makes it the optimal solution for solar self-consumption systems with batteries on an industrial scale. In fact, there are already eleven pilot projects of this type in Spain with this inverter.

This new product features as standard Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications, protections against short-circuits and AC overloads, a DC disconnector and type II surge arresters against DC and AC overvoltage. In addition, its IP65 protection class makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, and its standard 5-year warranty provides maximum reliability.

This inverter is compatible with the main battery technologies (lithium, lead, flow and Ni-Cd), being able to work in a voltage range of 570 to 850 V, with a maximum voltage of 1,100 V.

In addition, thanks to Ingeteam’s EMS (Energy Management System), in solar self-consumption installations with batteries on an industrial scale, it is possible to control the operation of both the photovoltaic inverter and the battery inverter, while establishing communication with a wattmeter at the point of connection with the grid and to the electric vehicle charging point (if there is one). This EMS can be configured both to inject and not to inject power into the electrical grid.

Ingeteam will present this inverter at its stand 4D21 during the Genera trade show, which will be held in Madrid between November 16 and 18.

About the Ingeteam group

Ingeteam is an international technological group specialized in electric power conversion. Its state of the art developments in power and control electronics (inverters, frequency converters, controllers and protections), Indar rotating electric machines (motors, generators and submersible motor & pump sets), systems (electromechanical engineering and automation projects), and services (operation & maintenance services), enables it to provide the best solutions in different sectors, namely: wind, solar PV, energy storage, hydro and fossil fuel power generation; metal and mineral processing; mining; marine; rail traction; water; energy storage; e-vehicle charging, green hydrogen production and power grid automation, always achieving sustainable and efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

The company operates throughout the world, and is stablished in 24 countries, with a headcount over 4,000. R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which 5% of its turnover is annually invested.