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With two of the biggest vehicle manufacturers demonstrating the advances in their hydrogen fuel tech at the iconic motorsport event this weekend, hydrogen could yet emerge the winner as the alternative to petrol. UK companies are taking huge strides in making hydrogen a reality for the sector.

Fuel Cell Systems’ (FCSL) Mobile Hydrogen Refueller – HyTruck, will be present at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 13-16 July, providing a refuelling service for a new generation of exciting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This will include the debut of the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen, which features BMW’s latest hydrogen fuel cell tech, alongside the ground-breaking BMW H2R Record car, which set 9 FIA-certified land-speed records for hydrogen in 2004.

Toyota’s GR Yaris H2 will demonstrate the carbon neutral hydrogen combustion engine technology Toyota is developing which aims to maintain the speed, sound and feel of high-performance motorsports for drivers and spectators alike. Additionally, the Toyota Mirai Sport Concept will have its European debut.

The presence of HyTruck at the Festival of Speed underlines FCSL’s commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the automotive industry. It will provide refuelling for hydrogen cars throughout the event.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles offer a greener alternative to traditional combustion engines, emitting only water vapour. By showcasing the technology at this prestigious event, FCSL aim to raise awareness about hydrogen’s potential as an alternative fuel and demonstrate the viability of its use in the sector.

The hydrogen for the event is being produced and supplied by Protium, a leading UK green hydrogen solutions company, who are trailblazing green hydrogen projects across the country, including its Pioneer One project, a green hydrogen production facility based at the University of Wales, as well as a trial of green hydrogen buses in South Wales.

Tom Chicken, CEO of FCSL commented “Being part of the Goodwood FoS offers us an incredible platform to showcase our hydrogen refuelling capabilities. The event attracts a diverse and influential audience including industry professionals, enthusiasts and media representatives. The presence of our HyTruck highlights our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. Engaging with attendees and providing information about hydrogen refuelling will show attendees that hydrogen is a practical fuelling solution that is available now.”

“Over the last few years, our mobile refuelling products have helped drive forward hydrogen transport projects across the UK and mainland Europe. With the addition of green hydrogen, manufactured by Protium and using electrolyser systems integrated by FCSL, we have combined to provide a truly green solution to event”

Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium, said: “As pioneers in the UK hydrogen sector, Protium’s mission is to provide a clean renewable energy supply to eliminate the need for fossil fuel. Hydrogen offers an exciting green energy alternative for transport as we plan the phase out of fossil fuel combustion engines.

“We’re delighted to be powering a new generation of hydrogen vehicles at this year’s Festival of Speed at Goodwood – this is an excellent opportunity to showcase the exciting opportunities for hydrogen on an international stage.”

The HyTruck will showcase the reliability and efficiency of our refuelling infrastructure throughout the festival. Demonstrating quick refuelling times and seamless operations will instil confidence in both vehicle manufacturers and potential customers. By providing a flawless refuelling experience, we can demonstrate the practicality and convenience of hydrogen powered vehicles and high-performance racing scenario.

Goodwood Festival of Speed offers an extraordinary platform to exhibit the HyTruck and showcase its capabilities. Additionally, this event opens doors for collaborative partnerships, business growth and technological advancements. By participating in this event, we are contributing to the clean energy transition while positioning ourselves as a leader in the hydrogen refuelling industry.

About hydrogen cars:

  • Toyota introduced the first hydrogen fuel cell production car, the Mirai, in 2014.
  • In 2004, BMW heralded the age of the hydrogen-powered production car by setting nine world records with its groundbreaking H2R Record Car
  • Hydrogen cars are powered by electricity they produce internally through chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen.
  • With a fuel cell vehicle, the only tailpipe emissions are water since the by-products of the chemical reaction which powers the hydrogen fuel cell are just heat and water.
  • The electricity generated either powers the car directly, or charges a battery which stores the energy until it’s needed. This traction battery is significantly smaller and lighter than the battery of a fully electric car.
  • The hydrogen fuel is stored in a high-pressure tank and can be refilled in much the same way as petrol and diesel.