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Head’s Up: SVTC to Announce Green Jobs Platform for Solar

With the Solar industry still in its infancy, it has a unique opportunity to incorporate principles of social and environmental justice into its global supply, production, and recycling operations.

Tomorrow, the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) will announce its Green Jobs Platform for Solar to generate discussion and gain support for the principles it outlines.


The platform will be the vehicle by which SVTC demonstrates to solar companies the wide range of support for a just and sustainable solar industry. It is the latest component of SVTC’s Clean and Just Solar Campaign, an initiative developed as a way to guide the solar industry towards being safe and sustainable.

In order to influence legislation surrounding regulation of the Solar industry, supporters of the Green Jobs Platform for Solar plan to present it to the EPA this week. The following companies currently support the platform:

Center for Environmental Health
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Communities for a Better Environment
Just Transition Alliance
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

The unreleased Green Jobs Platform for Solar is available at www.svtc.org