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Fusion developer hits world-first independently verified generation milestone

Fusion energy specialist, ENG8, has demonstrated an electrical energy output five times greater than the energy used in this ground-breaking, independent validation at Culham Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire, one of the top five leading fusion centres in the world, and home to the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority.

During each of the three tests, lasting approximately 10 minutes each, ENG8’s ‘EnergiCell’ consistently scored an electrical energy output of five – one unit of electrical energy in, and five units of electrical energy, created by fusion, coming out.

The testing was conducted by Underwriters  Laboratories, the largest independent US certification agency.

Alan Smith, CEO/Sec. International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS), said: “I visited Culham Innovation Centre to observe three test runs. All three concluded with higher temperatures in the output side calorimeter than on the input side, so it is clear that comparative thermometry indicates an energy gain. This new work is supported by many previous studies going back decades.

“Most encouragingly, a representative of Underwriters Laboratories also attended and said that their tests of the device indicated a COP (Q) of five plus the possibility to improve that figure even further.”

This is sufficient to enable the EnergiCell-powered power plants to be self-powering in 2024 and capable of commercial sales of emission-free energy. Still to be determined by manufacturing and distribution costs, ENG8’s EnergiCells are on track to provide a low-cost and secure source of energy for both domestic and commercial users.

Valeria Tyutina, CEO at ENG8, said: “The results are quite brilliant, the stability of the fusion reaction was incredible, and this development can make the biggest difference to climate change of any other technology on earth. It changes everything – faster than you think.”

About ENG8 International

Head officed in Gibraltar, with its UK office in Culham Innovation Centre, ENG8 International was formed in July 2020 to acquire and develop catalysed fusion solutions to supply humanity with a pure, clean energy with love and compassion.

Today, the business has a team of 14 scientists and engineers, with 250 years of experience in catalysed fusion, 500 years of nuclear and power engineering experience, and eight collective PhDs among them, involved in the development of ENG8 and the EnergiCell.

More than 30 private fusion companies have raised over £5bn in the last two years with the aim to develop fusion reactors in the next decade or more. ENG8 has already developed a practical, cost-effective, functioning, independently validated fusion reactor – the EnergiCell. Investors can invest in ENG8 to accelerate its development and commercial deployment.