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Full Circle Signs 10-year Full Scope Contract Extensions with Murex for EWT Turbines Across South West England

  • Full Circle Wind Services has signed long-term full-scope contract extensions with Murex for four EWT turbines located in Trerulefoot, Holsworthy, and Liskeard.
  • This extension builds on an initial 10-year contract, now renewed for an additional 10 years, bringing the total duration to 20 years, which is the turbine’s certified lifespan. With exceptional service and maintenance, Full Circle strives to extend its lifespan even further.
  • The turbines are EWT DW54 500KW models, constructed in 2014 and 2015.


Amersfoort, 11th June, 2024: Full Circle Wind Services, the independent, multi-brand wind turbine services group, is pleased to announce the 10-year contract extensions for four EWT turbines in Trerulefoot, Holsworthy, and Liskeard in South West England.

The full-scope contracts for the EWT turbines with Murex at—Babbington, Wilton Farm, Fursdon Farm, and Bake Saw Mill—includes comprehensive preventative and corrective maintenance services, remote monitoring and control, inspections, servicing, and replacement of main components.

The turbines, EWT DW54 500KW models built in 2014 and 2015, have been maintained and serviced by Full Circle under an initial 10-year contract. Due to Full Circle’s exceptional service and the trust established with the turbine owners, the full-scope contract has been renewed for an additional 10 years, extending the total duration to 20 years.

Full Circle’s dedicated team of service technicians in South West England is responsible for the turbines.

Billy Stevenson, CEO at Full Circle, stated:

“We are delighted that Murex Energy has recognized the value that we’ve added over the past decade and agreed to continue working with us for a further 10 years. Operations and maintenance play a huge role in the wind industry; with good operational practices and effective maintenance, these turbines can operate efficiently beyond their designed lifespan. Full Circle is happy to contribute to that goal.”

Anders Siggery, Service Manager of the region, said:

“Securing extensions is a great way to show that we are doing a good job. We’re delighted to have earned Murex’s continued confidence in our services.”

Steve Ellam, Director at Murex, said:

“We have been very pleased with the O&M service of our turbines over the past 10 years. The Full Circle Team has responded promptly to any issues that have arisen and kept us informed with excellent communication at all times. We are therefore happy to extend our contracts with Full Circle for another 10 years.”

About Full Circle

Full Circle is a specialist wind turbine services group, with expertise in operations, maintenance, and repair. They have more than two decades of international experience managing hundreds of onshore wind turbines, delivering an outstanding average availability worldwide. Headquartered in the Netherlands and with offices in the UK, Italy, Greece and France, Full Circle operates across Europe, North America and South Asia, with two 24/7/365 remote monitoring control rooms in the Netherlands and India. The company was created in 2021 as a demerger from wind turbine manufacturer EWT, to combine OEM best practices and engineering capabilities with the flexibility of an independent service provider. Full Circle is a part of AtlasInvest’s energy transition portfolio.

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About Murex Energy

The Murex Energy Group is a wind turbine operator/generator based in South West England.