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Fraunhofer ISE optimizes propane heat pump technology

Kelvion contributes brazed heat exchanger GK108H

  • Together with heat pump manufacturers and suppliers, the Fraunhofer research project LC150 (“low charge 150 g”) has set itself the goal of researching a standardized and refrigerant-reduced refrigeration circuit using propane.
  • The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has now developed a functional heat pump functional pattern with the climate-friendly and cost-effective alternative propane.
  • For the research series, Kelvion has provided condensers for a refrigeration circuit with the ConBraze type GK108H plate heat exchanger.

With the Green Deal, the EU has committed itself to becoming CO2 neutral by 2050. In Germany alone, the provision of heating and cooling makes up 40% of total final energy consumption […]