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Farmers Look To The Skies For Natural Gold

More farmers will this year be looking to the wind and the sun to boost their profits.

The demand from the UK agricultural sector for renewable energy generated by wind turbines and solar systems is increasing at a remarkable pace, especially as energy prices continue to rise, eating into farmer’s profits.

However, help is on hand. As the renewables sector technology also continues to advance, one Yorkshire-based firm is leading the way in helping our landowners reap a new-age harvest.

Dodds Solar, based at Driffield, is a specialist in this fast expanding field and is keen to show farmers how they can benefit from the Government’s commitment to the Feed-in Tariff programme by tapping in to energy from natural resources. They have even installed a solar ‘test bed’ at their Kelleythorpe headquarters to show potential users how the system works.

The company’s managing director, Graham Dodds, said the company was receiving dozens of calls every week from people wanting to learn more about solar energy generation.


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