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  • DNV is performing power curve verification using advanced nacelle lidar technology at Ailes Marines’ Bay of St. Brieuc offshore wind farm, enhancing operational efficiency and aligning energy production with projections.
  • DNV’s project includes designing, commissioning, and executing a power performance measurement campaign for turbines, ensuring compliance with updated industry standards.
  • The Bay of St. Brieuc project, Brittany’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, will boast a total capacity of 496 MW, enough to power 835,000 homes.


Paris, 1 July 2024 – DNV, the global independent energy expert and assurance provider, has been chosen by the Iberdrola Group to perform power curve verification at the Bay of St. Brieuc offshore wind farm, employing advanced nacelle lidar technology.

Situated 16 kilometers off Cap Fréhel in the Bay of St. Brieuc in the Côtes-d’Armor distric, the farm is notable for being the first large-scale offshore wind power installation in Brittany —a region renowned for its strong winds and high tides, which have historically shaped its landscape and economy, and the second in France dedicated to producing clean energy. Developed by Ailes Marines, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, the 62-turbine farm has been fully operational since May 2024. With a total installed capacity of 496 MW, the wind farm is expected to significantly enhance the region’s clean energy supply, generate enough green electricity to power approximately 835,000 homes, covering 9% of the region’s total consumption.

DNV’s power curve verification project encompasses the design, commissioning, and execution of a power performance measurement (PPM) campaign for three turbines, along with the installation of all necessary equipment to ensure the campaign meets accreditation standards. Before deployment, the lidars will be calibrated at DNV’s testing facility in Germany to comply with the updated IEC 61400-50-3:2022 standard. This standard allows for the use of nacelle-mounted lidars (NML) in performance assessments, an area where DNV has extensive expertise. The power curve verification will enable Iberdrola to align actual energy production with initial projections, improving the accuracy of economic models for the wind farm. The initiative enhances operational efficiency and supports broader sustainable development goals.

DNV is one of the pioneers in power performance measurement using nacelle lidar technology. This project showcases our ability to leverage advanced technologies and adhere to stringent industry standards in wind energy. We are dedicated to advancing safety and performance, setting industry benchmarks, and developing solutions to address the global energy transformation,” said Santiago Blanco, Executive Vice President and Regional Director for Energy Systems at DNV.

Following the full commissioning of Saint Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm, Iberdrola/Ailes Marines is looking forward to monitoring wind conditions and performance of the asset with the help of nacelle LIDAR technology. We expect that the experience and expert knowledge of DNV, one of the key players in power curve testing, will allow for a successful and instructive measurement campaign, based on up-to-date standards and technology,” added Jérôme Dumont, Offshore Wind Resource Manager at Iberdrola.

At the Bay of St. Brieuc wind farm, the data provided by DNV will be essential in understanding and optimizing performance of the wind asset, setting a benchmark for other future offshore wind projects.

With this collaboration, DNV and Iberdrola demonstrate their commitment to innovation and excellence in renewable energy. The successful implementation of nacelle lidar technology at the Bay of St. Brieuc offshore wind farm will not only bolster the region’s energy independence but also contribute significantly to global efforts in combating climate change and advancing sustainable energy solutions. This project stands as a testament to the potential of cutting-edge technology in transforming the energy landscape and paving the way for a greener future.

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