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DEK Solar reveals range of enabling technologies for specialist PV applications

Screen printing leader DEK Solar has revealed a range of technologies designed to provide advanced support for specialist photovoltaic applications. In addition to the dedicated PV1200 and PV3000 solar platforms, DEK’s specialist platforms meet the requirements of diverse PV challenges – from large-scale production to flexible or non-standard substrates.

As a global technology leader with a dominant market share in the screen printing sector for electronics circuit board assembly, DEK has been delivering leading-edge screen printing solutions for advanced technology applications for over 40 years. During this time, it has developed an extensive technology portfolio now proven in the field. Several of these established solutions are now finding significant application in the solar sector due to a unique ability to meet the specific requirements of specialist PV challenges. One such solution is the 248 semi-automatic screen printing platform, equipped with a range of advanced features to enhance solar cell production including programmable machine parameters, castings and precision machine-tool bearings for high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Other DEK Solar technologies for specialist PV applications include Reel-to-Reel (R2R), an advanced handling solution for continuous, flexible solar substrates. R2R uses proven precision alignment, clamping and tooling technologies to handle the demands of large, flexible substrates. Featuring inbuilt accurate positional indexing and tension management mechanisms, R2R prints onto substrates typically up to 150 metres in length and 500mm wide. Minimising stress and preserving the condition of the substrate, R2R’s robust motion control and substrate clamping techniques enable step-and-repeat sequences for maximum control and minimum waste.

DEK’s popular flexible, fully automatic Horizon platform is also ideal for the demands of specialist PV applications. Completely configurable, the advanced platform is compatible with a wide range of Productivity Tools and options – all of which are completely retro-fittable in the field for the best cost-of-ownership across platform lifetime. Also available in a choice of pre-configured platforms, Horizon offers fast changeover, 2 Cpk print process capability, optimised printer frame technology and six-sigma production performance.

Commenting on DEK’s ability to accommodate specialist PV applications, DEK’s Alternative Energies Business Manager Darren Brown explains: “Our history in the screen printing sector means that we’ve not only spent many years establishing a comprehensive global logistics and applications support infrastructure, but also, that we’ve developed several technologies – now well proven in the field – that are now finding new application in the solar manufacturing sector. Here at DEK Solar, we take pride in thinking beyond equipment to provide best fit solutions for our customers’ specific objectives. Our wider technology portfolio strengthens this ability even further – so customers really can expect more!”