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DAS Solar agrivoltaics lights the way to rural revitalization

It has been pursuing green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in Mengla County, Yunnan Province, China. Through leveraging its abundant natural resources, Mengla County has been able to fully exploit the advantages of PV resources, resulting in the implementation and operation of a number of key PV projects. The Huaneng Tengmei Hill PV project built with assistance from DAS Solar is an example.

One of the first two centralized PV projects in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, the Tengmei Hill PV project is an important part of Yunnan Province’s new energy plan. A total investment of 690 million yuan has been made for the project, which spans 732 acres and has a total installed capacity of 192MW DC and 150MW AC. With 173MW of installation capacity, DAS Solar’s N-type bifacial double glass modules are used. Using DAS Solar’s leading N-type TOPCon technology, modules generate more electricity. Through the use of multi-busbars and half-cells, internal losses within the modules are reduced effectively. A bifacial symmetric design ensures high reliability performance and maximizes the benefits of bifaciality, increasing the PV plant’s overall power generation.

With this project, DAS Solar delivers high-efficiency N-type modules and introduces a new concept of integrating green energy with modern agriculture. Using its extensive experience expanding PV applications across full scenarios, DAS Solar actively explores the agrivoltaic development model, ensuring comprehensive land development and fostering harmonious coexistence of crops and modules.


The project takes advantage of the abundant sunlight and idle wasteland resources of Mengla County. By increasing the installation height of PV modules and leaving sufficient space underneath for planting suitable crops, fully leveraging the development benefits of agriculture. Aside from improving land utilization efficiency, this approach also generates clean green energy, improves local ecological conditions, creates job opportunities for the surrounding villages, increases farmers’ incomes, and promotes rural revitalization.

The Huaneng Tengmei Hill PV project is officially operational nowadays, contributing 248.56 million kWh of clean electricity annually and contributing 12 million yuan to local tax revenue. By completing and operating this project, local villagers have been able to increase their income. The green development model of “PV + agriculture” revitalizes the economy of Mengla County and makes rural revitalization a reality.

By combining PV technology and agricultural cultivation, the Huaneng Tengmei Hill PV project has successfully led to ecological improvement, economic growth, and increased income for farmers, creating a path toward intensified and sustainable development. In the future, DAS Solar will continue to utilize its expertise in new energy, extensively explore the full scenarios application potential of the PV industry, and implement comprehensive rural revitalization strategies, which contribute to the development of a green and sustainable environment.