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DAS Solar achieves a record open-circuit voltage of 742mV and 26.36% efficiency with TOPCon 4.0 Plus

DAS Solar has developed the TOCon 4.0 Plus high-efficiency solar cell that boasts an efficiency of 26.36% and an open-circuit voltage of 742mV, breaking the world record for this type of cell.

The data report was certified by China’s National PV Industry Measurement and Testing Center (NPVM), and breaks DAS Solar’s efficiency record for TOPCon 4.0 large-area (334cm2) cells, which it set at 26.33% in September 2023. The open-circuit voltage has surpassed 740mV, reaching an impressive 742mV, breaking the record set by DAS Solar with 735mV in December 2023. This achievement sets a record for the highest open-circuit voltage of crystalline silicon homojunction solar cells.

As a leader in N-type technology, DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration and rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently surpassing industry standards in cell and module efficiency.  “DAS Solar’s R&D team has consistently improved the open-circuit voltage of TOPCon cells, progressing from 701mV with TOPCon1.0 to 742mV with TOPCon4.0 Plus. A perfect passivation structure in the cell underpins its ability to achieve high open-circuit voltage. The TOPCon technology is expected to progress towards its theoretical limit of 28.7% in the near future.” said DAS Solar CTO, Dr. Song Dengyuan.

TOPCon4.0 Plus establishes a design philosophy for high open-circuit voltage in cells, integrating four innovative features: a new charge carrier transport mechanism, a new cell structure design, innovative metallization technology, and the application of new materials. Equipped with the latest technology, achieving seamless integration of all technologies from TOPCon1.0 to 4.0 Plus while optimizing each manufacturing process. This results in a higher open-circuit voltage, improved cell efficiency, and effectively reduces the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), providing global customers with long-term value.

The chairman and president of DAS Solar, Mr. Liu Yong, stated that “innovation has never been a shortcut, it requires a down-to-earth spirit along with a dedication to research and development.” DAS Solar will continue to increase research investments, strengthen collaboration between industry and academia, build a technological innovation foundation, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency, improving its core competitiveness in the future.