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Chemitek Solar adds to its range of solar cleaning solutions with the new Metal Oxides Removal Agent

Chemitek Solar, a pioneering leader in sustainable cleaning and soiling mitigation solutions for the solar industry, proudly announces the launch of its new Metal Oxides Removal Agent, an innovative product designed to efficiently and safely remove metal oxides (e.g. rust) from photovoltaic modules and tiles.

The Metal Oxides Removal Agent features a specialized biodegradable formula that reacts with metal oxide particles, ensuring their removal without causing any damage to the panels. This innovative solution eliminates the need for abrasive methods, offering an eco-friendly and effective alternative.

Extensive laboratory and field tests have confirmed the agent’s effectiveness, demonstrating that it does not harm the Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC), silicone, or aluminum frame of solar panels. Chemitek Solar’s Metal Oxides Removal Agent sets a new industry standard by eliminating the reliance on aggressive techniques, thus ensuring the integrity and longevity of solar modules.

The Metal Oxides Removal Agent was developed to satisfy the need for effective cleaning solutions in PV plants located near industries such as foundries, steelworks and metal ore mines.

As a proactive measure, Chemitek recommends the application of its antistatic coating, present in the products Solar Wash Protect and Antistatic Solar Armor, after the cleaning. This additional step slows down the buildup and adhesion of the contaminants, thus preserving the optimal condition of solar panels for longer and making the next cleaning easier and faster. The MRA is proudly certified by TÜV Sud as safe for PV modules, attesting to its compatibility with the highest industry standards.

At the request of Chemitek, the laboratory CVR – Center for Waste Valorization conducted a study to evaluate the biodegradability of the Metal Oxides Removal Agent (MRA) according to the OECD Guideline for Testing of Chemicals – 301 F Manometric Respirometry Test. Using activated sludge from a local wastewater treatment plant, the study determined that the MRA is readily biodegradable, with tests confirming its compliance with industry standards.


For more detailed information about our innovative Metal Oxides Removal Agent and other cutting- edge solutions, please contact:

Sandra Pereira | PR & Communications Manager @ Chemitek Solar | info@chemitek.pt | +351 253 148 695

About Chemitek Solar:

Chemitek Solar is a leading Portuguese manufacturer specializing in innovative and biodegradable contaminant removal agents and soiling mitigation coatings for photovoltaic panels. With a strong commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, Chemitek Solar aims to optimize solar energy production, reduce the O&M costs of solar installations, and promote water conservation.