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BYD launches Battery-Box LV Flex 5.0 in Australia and New Zealand

The new system generation following the successful Battery-Box Pro 2.5 doubles capacity, comes with enhanced safety features and certifications and is scalable from 5-320 kWh for maximum flexibility

Shenzhen, OCt 28th – BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, announces the launch of the new Battery-Box LV Flex 5.0. The energy storage system combines maximum flexibility for both modular scalability from 5-320 kWh and with regards to application scenarios – from residential to commercial, for on- and off-grid installations as well as for emergency backup-up energy supply. Compared to the previous product generation, Battery-Box LV Pro 2.5, the new system has doubled the capacity despite the smaller formfactor and comes with a dual-core and 4-level safety battery management system (BMS). Due to the increased demand for off grid applications and commercial projects in the region, the new Battery-Box LV Flex is now available through authorized distributors in Australia and New Zealand with additional regions to follow.

“The new system is based on the successful design of the Battery-Box Pro 2.5, which was launched in 2015. The system has proven to work very reliably and received extremely positive feedback from the Australian and New Zealand markets”, said Julia Chen, Global Director, BYD Battery-Box. “The demand for the easy to install modular system is stronger than ever and our engineering team has taken the feedback we have received from partners and customers into account and combined it with the latest technology for the new system generation. New features and functions include even more flexibility, doubled capacity, and enhanced safety. The Battery-Box LV Flex also provides the highest capacity compared to any other modules with similar dimensions.”

Battery-Box LV Flex

The Battery-Box LV Flex 5.0 provides ultimate flexibility for on- and off-grid residential and commercial applications as well as for emergency energy back-up. Each battery provides 5.0 kWh usable energy, which is double the capacity of the previous system generation, despite the smaller footprint. Up to 64 modules can be connected in parallel on one battery module unit (BMU) for an overall scalability of up to 320 kWh. The battery units can be placed in self-built cabinets – horizontally or vertically rack-mounted. Due to its self-supporting structure, up to 4 battery units can even be stacked without any cabinet. The cell-to-pack (C2P) technology helps to achieve the high capacity, low volume and a long lifespan. A dual core battery management system (BMS) minimizes unexpected incidents and the BMS’ 4-level safety system ensures maximum safety.

Key System Specifications

       Usable Energy: 5.0 kWh (scalable to 320 kWh with 64 systems in parallel)

       Max Cont. Output current: 70A (3.58kW) 0.7C

       Dimensions (H/W/D): 131x441x462mm

       Weight: 46.5kg

       Nominal and operating voltage: 51.2 V and 43.2-57.6 V

       Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C

       Certifications: IEC62619 / CE / UN38.3/ IEC62040 / CEC listed

Additional information about the Battery-Box LV Flex is available at: https://www.bydbatterybox.com/downloads#