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Busch Group Companies Announce Joint Presence at Semicon West

The three companies of the Busch Group (Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions) announce their joint presence at Semicon West 2024. This marks a significant milestone, as it will be the inaugural occasion that the Busch Group exhibits collectively in one booth in the US.

Maulburg, June 26, 2024 – Visitors of the Busch Group booth can expect an impressive showcase of vacuum technology and gas abatement systems designed for supporting semiconductor fabs and sub-fabs. The in-booth messaging is “Ultimate Product Range” and “Total Fab Solutions.” Turgay Ozan, President and General Manager Busch Vacuum Solutions & Pfeiffer Vacuum, comments: “We’re uniquely positioned to be the premier full-solutions partner to the semiconductor industry. Our extensive product range supports everything from the clean room to the sub-fab. The range covers gas abatement systems, vacuum pumps, contamination management, leak detection, valves, sub-fab management, and service for all brands.”

Ultimate range of vacuum and abatement solutions

ASM 392 mobile leak detector: With its integrated turbomolecular vacuum pump, the ASM 392 from Pfeiffer Vacuum is SEMI S2 compliant and optimized for rapid pump downs and short response times on large test objects. Its dry, frictionless backing pump and a powerful high vacuum pump make it ideal for testing in clean room environments.

Series E electric valves: Being unveiled at the show for the first time, Pfeiffer Vacuum’s Series E is a groundbreaking electric angle valve line designed for easy integration into high vacuum applications. Combining advanced electric actuation with energy efficiency, Series E offers superior control, reliability, and cost savings.

ATH 2804 M turbopump: With a compact footprint, Pfeiffer Vacuum’s ATH 2804 M magnetically levitated turbomolecular vacuum pumps provide high gas throughput and are ideal for semiconductor manufacturing processes.

HiPace 3400 IT turbopump: The HiPace 3400 IT, designed exclusively for demanding ion implantation applications, sets the standard as the most compact turbopump in its class. The DN 320 flange size increases the pumping speed for process gases by up to an impressive 30%. Its unique bearing concept and specially coated rotor design protect both the process and the pump, providing unparalleled durability and reliability.

TORRI BD 0100/0600 dry pumps: TORRI BD from Busch Vacuum Solutions offer short pump down times for load lock chambers and are among the smallest, lightest and most energy-efficient dry multi-stage rotary lobe vacuum pumps on the market.

CT-TW-H thermal abatement: The high-temperature thermal abatement system from centrotherm clean solutions combines the wide process coverage of flame abatement with the fuel-free aspects of plasma abatement, with lower operating costs and secondary emissions. Able to destroy the molecular process gas NF3 at class-leading levels with extremely low NOx emissions, the CT-TW-H finally delivers a sustainable solution with a minimal carbon footprint to the CVD and metal-etch process family.

Trade show visitors can speak to experts from Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions at Semicon West from July 9-11, 2024, in booth 733 in the south hall of the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

About the Busch Group

The Busch Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers, compressors and gas abatement systems. Under its umbrella, the group houses three well-known brands: Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions.

The extensive product and service portfolio includes solutions for vacuum, overpressure and abatement applications in all industries, such as food, semiconductors, analytics, chemicals and plastics. This also includes the design and construction of tailor-made vacuum systems and a worldwide service network.

The Busch Group is a family business that is managed by the Busch family. More than 8,000 employees in 44 countries worldwide work for the group. Busch is headquartered in Maulburg, Baden-Württemberg, in the tri-country region of Germany, France and Switzerland.

The Busch Group manufactures in its 19 own production plants in China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Romania, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA and Vietnam.

The Busch Group has an annual consolidated revenue of close to 2 billion Euro.

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