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Borders Wind Farm Watch initiative launched

In response to growing concern about the significant proliferation of wind farms and their impact on nature, the landscape and residential areas, a new initiative – Borders Wind Farm Watch – has been formed to monitor wind farm development in the Scottish Borders.

According to Scottish Borders Council data, it is believed that there are 23 significant schemes (616 turbines) now in operation in the Borders, with two more under construction, and another 17 at various stages within the planning system.

Borders Wind Farm Watch is a cross-community initiative which monitors wind farm development in the Scottish Borders. It has been created to provide easy-to-access information and insights and to highlight key issues such as landscape and visual impact, turbine size, energy needs, noise pollution and community benefit.

The initiative, formed by residents, community groups and businesses in the Scottish Borders, recognises the need for renewable energy, but is also concerned about the region becoming overwhelmed by extensive, seemingly unrestricted wind farm development.

Borders Wind Farm Watch aims to keep people better informed of wind farm developments and will provide information on how they can express their views on schemes in the pipeline.

A spokesperson for Borders Wind Farm Watch said: “We are a community resource, set up to provide information and insights on the many wind farm issues and developments in the Scottish Borders. We want to encourage a more constructive conversation regarding wind energy policy and future development, and help people find the most effective way to express their views.

“The Scottish Borders is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquillity, yet it has become a lucrative target for developers due to its geography and proximity to both the Scottish and UK grid connections and energy markets. Many people have said they find it extremely difficult to find a clear picture of what is happening with wind farms in the Borders and how they can get their voices heard.”

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About Borders Wind Farm Watch

Borders Wind Farm Watch is a cross-community initiative of individuals, groups and businesses which monitors wind farm development in the Scottish Borders.

Website: https://www.borderswindfarmwatch.com/

X: https://twitter.com/BordersWind

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Borders-Wind-Farm-Watch/61558646777649/