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Axial launches its fourth generation of trackers with the new AxialTracker SlopeSync

  • The new double row solar tracker model combines homokinetic technology with the cardan system to offer maximum synchronisation with the most complex terrain
  • The Spanish company will present the new product range at its booth A6.320 at Intersolar Europe, which is being held from 19 to 21 June in Munich


Axial presents its fourth generation of solar trackers with the launch of the AxialTracker SlopeSync. The Spanish company, a pioneer in the design, manufacture and operation of trackers for utility scale photovoltaic projects, in its constant commitment to innovation and technological development, is once again revolutionizing the global market.

This technological breakthrough builds on the solid foundation of homokinetic technology that the company has perfected over the years since the launch of its first double row tracker, the AxialTracker Twin, the first on the market to feature this system.

Now, with the SlopeSync tracker, the engineering team has combined the advantages of homokinetics with the cardan-type joint technology along its main torque axis. In this way, Axial’s new solution offers maximum adaptability and synchronization to all reliefs, including the most complex.

In the words of José Luis Fayos, CEO of the company, “since the beginning of Axial, our goal has been to be at the technological forefront with a catalog of products that meet the needs of our customers, offering maximum safety and quality. The excellence of our trackers endorses us and that is why we are among the main suppliers worldwide”.

With almost two decades of experience in the development of highly demanding projects, Axial responds to one of the main demands of its customers in recent times, to design products that adapt to sloping and undulating terrain, always offering maximum safety.

In this way, the AxialTracker SlopeSync is an optimal solution for utility-scale photovoltaic plants located in particularly difficult terrain with steep slopes and irregular gradients, offering improved durability and guarantees while, at the same time, simplifying installation, thereby reducing installation and overall project execution times.

SlopeSync: terrain-sync solar tracker

As Axial’s Director of Engineering, Ramón González, explains, “this technology ensures that, within the same tracker, each section of torsion tube can have a different slope, in addition to considerably increasing tolerances, while maintaining the rest of the solar tracker’s performance at all times”.

“This eliminates the need to align the columns, since each section of torsion tube between two consecutive columns can have a different inclination. SlopeSync allows for irregularities in the terrain, allowing up to ±400mm difference in height between consecutive columns and a minimum distance from the module to the ground of up to one meter (55º)”.

In addition, this design ensures a longer tracker service life and reduces the need for repairs or assistance on the tracker, since it prevents deformation of profiles or parts of the structure, thus avoiding the occurrence of induced stresses, which are common in other adaptability systems on the market.

Tolerance in driving alignment is also an improvement, being the highest on the market to date, with up to ±400mm in both directions (N-S and E-W).

But one of SlopeSync’s hallmarks is undoubtedly its clear commitment to enhancing the sustainability of its projects. Thanks to the advanced integrated technology, the environmental impact of the creation of a photovoltaic plant is reduced to a minimum. Thus, its great adaptability to the terrain practically eliminates the need for earthworks, significantly reducing civil works.

Intersolar Munich

Axial will officially present its new tracker at the international trade fair Intersolar Europe, which will take place from June 19 to 21 in Munich.

For this purpose, the company will show a prototype at its A6.320 stand, which will be accompanied by interactive 3D screens, where all the features of its product range can be seen in detail.


In recent years Axial has established itself as an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of solar trackers and fixed structures for photovoltaic installations. One of its main hallmarks is its commitment to a high level of technological development, which allows it to provide great advances in the design and manufacture of solar trackers. It is also a pioneer in key aspects such as safety in the face of adverse weather conditions such as wind.

The company is present in all phases of the projects: from their initial design to their execution. Axial’s mission is to accompany its customers to provide them with the best possible advice, offering solid solutions to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.

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