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ArcVera Renewables launches recruitment drive to support accelerating growth in key market segments

ArcVera Renewables, a leading global provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, has revised its strategic growth objectives upwards as market demand in key renewables project services segments rapidly expands. The company is looking to fill multiple roles in all business areas to support its new targets. 

Over the past three years, ArcVera Renewables has experienced strong development with an average 20% year on year growth. With the Inflation Reduction Act policy driver set to create very positive market conditions for renewable energy deployment in the United States, the company forecasts another 30% demand increase for its services in 2023 and beyond. In its new strategy update, ArcVera expects to continue reaping the benefits of its diversification into solar and storage, in support of hybrid and green hydrogen projects, with solar energy services becoming a key engine of its growth alongside onshore and offshore wind.

“This steady performance is largely supported by our company’s long-term commitment to continuous innovation, and an intrinsic desire to help renewable energy projects succeed across the globe. It has been strengthened by timely investments in key overseas markets, notably South-Africa, Brazil and India. We are now actively seeking new administrative and technical talents to join our teams of atmospheric scientists, engineers, data analysts and commercial specialists to deliver technical excellence for our clients’ projects around the world and contribute to maintaining our leadership position at the forefront of renewable energy technical innovation,” explained ArcVera Renewables’ CEO Gregory Poulos.

For the last four decades, ArcVera has built its success by leveraging a deep expertise at the intersection of science, technology, and engineering to meet some of their clients’ most complex project technical challenges. Its teams mobilize their advanced technical expertise and decades of global experience to provide trustworthy, insightful, risk-mitigating, and accuracy-driven renewable energy project services.

2022 has been a great year for ArcVera and its clients. We were particularly excited to see the billion-dollar acquisitions of Scout Clean Energy and TriGlobal Energy, two loyal clients, whose projects we have proudly supported from company inception. These success stories underpin what ArcVera really stands for, which is to provide our clients with a significant technical edge to increase their projects’ value. We will keep doing what we do best and seize the new opportunities presented by the IRA to accelerate our growth next year,” said Poulos.