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Agreement between AFFIRMA and the Chinese company CGNSEDC to carry out solar concentration projects worldwide

AFFIRMA Energy has signed a collaboration agreement with CGNPC Solar Energy Development (CGNSEDC) to develop high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar energy projects worldwide.

The agreement has been signed by Diego Serrano, Co-President of the AFFIRMA Group, and by Quinghao Han, President of CGNPC Solar Energy Development in the AFFIRMA offices located in the Torre de Cristal in Madrid. This collaboration forms part of the bilateral trade agreements that have been signed last week between the Spanish and Chinese governments in various strategic industries, such as the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors amongst others, in the presence of the Chinese Vice-President, Li Kegiang.

CGNPC is one of the biggest electricity companies in China, and is currently reinforcing its renewable energy division. In the current market only AFFIRMA has the capacity to produce all the HCPV components, due to the fact that the manufacturer Isofotón is integrated into the Group.


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