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AEROCOMPACT launches user-friendly roof hook for tiled roofs

Satteins, Austria, 4 April 2024. PV mounting system expert AEROCOMPACT is launching the COMPACTPITCH XT-R roof hook today. Thanks to the integrated quick-release clamp, mounting rails can be installed in record time, as installers can simultaneously adjust the height of the hook to the roof batten and fix the roof hook in place. AEROCOMPACT has revised clamp’s fine toothing mechanism and thereby simplified the levelling of the rail – now the height can be easily adjusted by pushing or pulling on the rail. Transport and storage costs are extremely low since the roof hook can be folded; one person can easily carry 20 pieces in a compact package onto the roof. The new roof hook will be presented for the first time at Intersolar Europe.


Installed in record time

As it has three levels, the base plate ensures that the system not only is extremely stable, but also can be adjusted to the height of the roof battens. The XT-R is simply attached to the rafter, then the rail is snapped into place, aligned horizontally and tightened – and the system is complete. “With our new roof hook, we are speeding up and simplifying installation and minimizing warehousing”, explains Albert Vonbun, AEROCOMPACT’s Head of Global Product Management.

The XT-R is suitable for rail-based mounting systems with framed PV modules of any length and width, and a frame height of 30 to 50 millimetres. Developed in Austria, the system can be combined with spacer plates or base plate bridges, and metal replacement tiles from AEROCOMPACT and planned in all variants using the AEROTOOL software. Thanks to the extensive range of system accessories, the roof hook offers the best fastening option for every tiled roof. As an addition, AEROCOMPACT offers specially developed cable clips that drastically simplify cabling and enable cables to be laid correctly.

Metal replacement tiles for snowy regions

For regions with high snow loads, AEROCOMPACT is also launching the unbreakable COMPACTPITCH XM-B metal replacement tile, which can replace concrete or clay tiles. With its supplied foam wedge, the system is sealed against water ingress. Since metal apron can be customised, the new tile can be installed easily and without tools with all common roof tile types in Europe. Its watertightness has been certified by an external test laboratory.

Brand new system at Intersolar Europe

In addition to the XT-R roof hook and the new COMPACTFLAT SN2 Q PLUS flat roof system for vertical installations, AEROCOMPACT will be presenting a brand new system for a completely new area of application for the first time at Intersolar Europe. Details will be announced shortly.

Visitors will find the company at the trade fair grounds in Munich in hall A6, stand number 560 from June 19 to 21. AEROCOMPACT offers journalists individual one-on-one meetings in German, English, Italian and Dutch at the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry. Please contact our press office by e-mail by 31 May to arrange an appointment.


AEROCOMPACT is an innovative supplier of solar mounting solutions offering a unique combination of engineering expertise, the AEROTOOL® digital platform and global market access. The company’s core competence is the development, production and distribution of aerodynamically optimized substructures for mounting photovoltaic modules, taking into account all static requirements, wind and snow loads as well as the highest industry standards and norms. Thanks to the AEROTOOL® digital platform, planners and end customers worldwide can quickly and easily plan solar systems, calculate their cost-effectiveness and order the AEROCOMPACT products required for the substructure in an automated process. AEROCOMPACT was founded in 2014 by Mathias Muther in Schlins, Vorarlberg, Austria. AEROCOMPACT currently employs ca. 150 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the US, India and Bulgaria. As well as its own global sales presence AEROCOMPACT serve various customer groups such as installers, wholesalers and project developers with system solutions for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial as well as Utility sectors.



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