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A step closer to a fusion-powered future

Catalysed fusion specialists at ENG8 International have confirmed the successful validations of two EnergiCells by the Instituton Electrotécnico Português (IEP.pt) in Portugal and internationally renowned Underwriters Laboratories (UL.com) in the USA.

Both agencies carried out the independent validation of one EnergiCell that was shown to have a thermal Q factor of 2.4 units of thermal energy out verses electricity in (without the new pulse generator, with the pulse generator the result is Q factor 5+). Another EnergiCell tested by UL was shown to have an electrical Q factor of 2 units of electrical energy out versus electricity in.

Valeria Tyutina, CEO at ENG8, said: “Further independent validations later in quarter four this year will show an electrical and thermal Q factor of above five so we are making strong progress towards commercial-level clean energy production. Next year, we plan to start supplying a mixture of thermal, chemical and electrical energy, which are all slight modifications of the same system. It really is an exciting time.”

For the remainder of the year, the technical team at ENG8 will be focusing on two key areas:

  1. Optimising the EnergiCells and validating the increases every few weeks.
  2. Producing, testing and completing the ATEX (and other) approvals required to operate a containerised (20ft) plant that can produce these outputs.

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About ENG8 International

Head officed in Gibraltar, ENG8 International was formed in July 2020 to acquire and develop catalysed fusion solutions to supply humanity with a pure, clean energy with love and compassion.

Today, the business has a team of 14 scientists and engineers, with 250 years’ experience in catalysed fusion, 500 years of nuclear and power engineering experience, and eight collective PhDs among them, involved in the development of ENG8 and the EnergiCell development.

More than 30 private fusion companies have raised over £5bn in the last two years with the aim to develop fusion reactors in the next decade or more. ENG8, has already developed a practical, cost effective, functioning, independently validated, fusion reactor – the EnergiCell. Investors can invest in ENG8 to accelerate its development and commercial deployment.

Find out more at https://eng8.energy/ and follow on LinkedIn here www.linkedin.com/company/85821708/