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3S Modultec to deliver production line for solar panels to Lithuania

With the sale of an integrated manufacturing facility to the company MG AB Precizika, 3S Modultec, a 100% subsidiary of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd, is continuing to expand its activities in Eastern Europe.

The Lithuanian company MG AB Precizika is the first company in Lithuania to set up a local production site for solar panels. With a 38 MW production line from 3S Modultec, the company will manufacture high-quality crystalline solar panels, primarily for the Eastern and Southeastern European market.

The countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe have great potential for the use of solar energy and the framework conditions for renewable energy have improved in many countries in the region. MG AB Precizika aims to promote environmentally friendly solar energy in the region and is also strongly committed to scientific research in the area of photovoltaics. “We are the first company to manufacture solar panels in Lithuania. With the high-class production equipment from Switzerland, we can manufacture top-quality panels and are very confident that we can open up a good local and regional market,” says Dr. Tomas Kovera, CEO of MG AB Precizika.

The 38 MW production line for solar panels will be delivered to Lithuania in the spring. The facility can be upgraded up to 65 MW and was sold together with know-how transfer and a comprehensive training package. MG AB Precizika also benefits from the Fast-Track Certification service that 3S Modultec together with the TÜV Rheinland (German technical inspection association) successfully implements for its customers. With the rapid certification process and a service package tailored specifically to the company, MG AB Precizika will be able to quickly set up production and start supplying panels to customers as early as the beginning of summer.

Flexible and rapid market entry with integrated 3S Modultec production lines
3S production lines are modular and can be extended with minimal interruption of production and at minimal cost. The optimally synchronised 3S Modultec production line components from a single source, combined with a unique certification and support package and comprehensive process training form the perfect basis for implementing an entire project in the shortest possible time. The integrated modular production solution by 3S Modultec improves time-to-market and optimises the manufacturing cost TCO across the entire value chain of high-performance solar panels.

About MG AB Precizika:
MG AB Precizika is a scientific industrial joint-stock company. MG AB Precizika was established in 1966 and specializes in precision mechanics. In launching its photovoltaic production, the company will be taking a step towards eliminating pollution in energy generation. This new venture of MG AB Precizika will invest in a new industry in the Lithuanian economy and create new jobs.
Daughter enterprise JSC Precizika-MET SC was established in 2008. The company’s main goal is to begin industrial manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon solar cells using innovative technology developed in Lithuania. In 2009 JSC Precizika-MET SC launched its Industrial Photovoltaic Laboratory Project. Private and EU funds have been used to launch the project. The main aim of the project is to establish a scientific research laboratory for monocrystalline silicon solar cell technology and the implementation of this in mass-production.

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