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350 PPM launches fundraise campaign for Greentech expansion

350 PPM, the environmental investor specialist, has launched a campaign to raise funds for the expansion of its business specifically targeting the incubation and acceleration of breakthrough environmental companies.

It has set ambitious targets for the financial year 2024/25, and in 2025, plans to launch a £100m institutional impact fund to support some of the most exciting environmental innovations to scale.

Nick Dimmock, CEO at 350PPM, said: “The environmental revolution is still in its infancy, and at full capacity, we anticipate $7-10 trillion per year being invested in this sector. By launching our own fund, we’ll be able to scale our proven business model and support and finance some of the most promising environmental technology breakthroughs, helping to prepare these exciting businesses for the tsunami of funding opportunities ahead.”


350 PPM is on a mission to reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million by identifying and assisting the most promising environmental companies to grow, develop and prepare for institutional investment.

By working as part of the client team, 350’s expert advisors provide a wide range of support services including back-office administration and technology, branding, business development, marketing, public relations, industry partnerships, funding, investor partnerships, corporate governance and investor activism.

350 PPM is due to list on the JP Jenkins exchange during the first half of 2024. In the meantime, its funding round is live now so to find out more, please register your interest and download the information memorandum here.

About 350 PPM

350PPM is on a mission to reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million and reduce CO₂e (equivalent greenhouse gases) to similar levels. It operates as a central legal entity whose purpose is funding and assisting breakthrough environmental businesses. As a result, the companies selected for its portfolio are those that can make the biggest impact on reducing the level of CO₂ per USD invested. It operates as an incubator and accelerator participating directly in the development of client companies to support success, and its portfolio currently includes Eng8Megawatt Mosaic and GreenMine.

Find out more at https://350ppm.co.uk/ follow www.linkedin.com/company/350-ppm-ltd/ for regular news updates or email investment@350ppm.co.uk.

This information and further details from Jane Maher at 350PPM

T: 07887 995 589

E: janeM@350ppm.co.uk