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The Managing Director of one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy developers, Strategic Power Projects has said he is encouraged that the Climate Action Plan is now having an impact on the speed of planning decisions for nationally important renewable energy installations. 

His comments come after Strategic Power Projects received planning approval for a renewable project site in Movallet, Co.Louth.  The co-located facility, upon completion will generate 125MW of solar energy and 285MW of battery storage. With 1.5 gigawatts of battery storage now in planning and subject to grid connection on the island of Ireland, he says that that Ireland is now beginning to move in the right direction.

Paul Carson, who has raised concerns over the speed of the planning process as Ireland grapples with the huge challenges of renewable energy transition, welcomed the decision:

“This is one of Ireland’s largest solar and battery installations, so it will make a significant contribution to the national energy generation and storage infrastructure. We all know the challenges which face the country, north and south. Energy prices have gone through the roof, security of supply is an ongoing concern and we have stringent and legally binding carbon emissions targets to reach. 

I am heartened and encouraged at the decision by Louth County Council to give our project at Monvallet the go ahead. I hope that I am not too early in saying so, but it looks like the government’s efforts to draft and implement legislation to speed up the countries’ response to the energy crisis are bearing fruit. I now look forward to further developments, including the government’s proposed electricity storage policy framework. Much done, more to do.”

He added,

“Just before Christmas the Government published the Climate Action Plan 2023 which further highlights the importance of battery installations as a key enabler in helping ensure security of supply. As renewable energy developers, we are experiencing a sea change in public opinion of these projects.  Reaching Ireland’s climate change targets is everyone’s responsibility, and this message is now nestled firmly in the public mindset. We congratulate Louth Council County Council for their speed in granting permission and we now look forward to developing the facility and seeing it take its place as a key energy generation and storage asset on the island of Ireland.”

SPP has a substantial pipeline of  projects, including solar and battery in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. The company has an established partnership with Gresham House, a specialist alternative asset manager to deliver a pipeline of renewable energy projects into new build solar and battery storage assets throughout Ireland.

The partnership has a combined capacity of almost 2GW across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with site locations secured close to major electricity grid infrastructure hubs.

In 2022 the company also launched Strategic Power Connect. The new business is an extension of their renewable energy provision that will design and install onsite renewable energy systems to enable major companies make long term commitments in reaching their sustainability goals while securing energy supplies at a set price through an Energy Supply Agreement.

Energy Supply contracts make it possible to develop renewable energy installations with no capital cost, giving certainty on energy prices over the medium to long term.