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Hamburg based hanseatic shipbroker house Waterworks Offshore Services switches focus to shipfinance in the offshore renewable sector. Traditionally coming from Chartering and S&P in the offshore markets, Waterworks today becomes the first  green ship finance institution which provides the renewable shipping industry with innovative ways to aquire and manage ship finance solutions in a market thirsty for a new approach.

Managing Director Sven Boedewig says: “We believe that the offshore renewable shipping market needs finance solutions that match the innovative and disruptive nature of energy transition into a green future. Hence we develop attractive solutions with our finance partners and private equity network enabling shipowners to request finance, manage existing contracts fast and easy and open a new sustainable investment opportunity to investors.“

Today, Waterworks Offshore Services GmbH will re-brand into Waterworks Offshore Concepts GmbH, pointing out the change of focus from pure a brokerage shop to an innovative finance boutique while still maintaining the well known name of Waterworks for it’s excellent reputation in the european market.

Partner Valentin Hartmann says: “The future of green shipfinance will hold some exciting new solutions which will give both owners and investors more flexibility and planing security.”

Along with the first brokered finance deals in the offshore renewable and harbour assistance segments, the team of Waterworks proved that the chosen strategy is accepted in the market and is looking forward for the next exciting projects to come. Chartering, Sale & Purchase and Newbuilding services connected to a successfull investment strategy will be continued for our existing clients and to complement finance transactions where useful.

Being a part of the offshore renewable market since the very beginning secures our clients a full range of expertise, value outlook and a reliable partner for future investments and growth.

For more information and to find out if you can benefit from sustainable green shipfinance through Waterworks Offshore Concepts, please view our webpage www.waterworks-offshore.com