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Warm welcome for UK’s new feed in tariff

The renewables industry in the UK has welcomed new legislation included in the Energy Bill to introduce a feed-in-tariff.

In the House of Commons debate MPs also agreed to introduce a Renewable Heat Incentive, although no clear timetable was agreed. Biogas received a boost from the heat incentive clause, as it entitles producers of renewable biogas injected into the gas network to tariff payments.


Little detail, however, was laid down on how these schemes will be implemented, or when.

Philip Wolfe, Director General at the REA, said: “The REA is delighted that that government has recognized the advantages of a tariff-style incentive scheme which will open doors for small-scale producers of renewable heat, electricity and bio-methane.

However the devil will be in the detail and the coming year will herald key negotiations over the nature and size of the benefit each technology is to receive. The REA looks forward to working with its members and Government, to flesh out the details.”

The REA and Friends of the Earth have been leading the renewable tariff campaign over the last year, with the backing of 35 other organisations. The Association has thanked all those involved for the support throughout the coalition campaign for a renewable energy tariff incentive.