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UK government’s climate change advisors applaud CCS

The UK government’s latest approach to tackling climate change has been welcomed by the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).

In a report, the government’s Committee on Climate Change recommends the rapid development of carbon capture and storage technology as one of the cornerstones of meeting the target for an 80 per cent reduction in UK greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Dr Jeff Chapman, Chief Executive of the CCSA commented: “In years to come I’d like to look back on this report as the tipping point at which words became firm action in tackling climate change.

“As the report recognises, CCS is an “essential technology for reducing global emissions.

“Recently, the Climate Change Bill committed the UK to a mandatory target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Without CCS, this target will be unattainable.”

In his presentation at the launch of the report, Lord Turner said that CCS will make a major contribution to greenhouse gas emissions reductions, alongside nuclear, renewables and energy efficiency; “it is not an either-or situation”.

Mr Chapman added: “The UK has ideal geological storage resources and together with our engineering expertise, the UK is undoubtedly well-placed to lead the development of this industry. Also, the Energy Act came into force, putting the UK in a leading position in the regulation of CCS. UK business is committed to early investment, as illustrated by the 65 organisations that comprise the CCSA. However urgent action is needed to ensure we capitalise on the opportunity CCS offers to the UK economy.

“We look forward to working closely with the CCC to ensure CCS realises its potential as a powerful tool in our battle against climate change.”