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UK energy networks reaction: Spending Review 2020 and National Infrastructure Strategy

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak MP, presented his Spending Review 2020 to parliament today and also published a new National Infrastructure Strategy.

David Smith, Chief Executive at Energy Networks Association which represents the UK and Ireland’s energy networks businesses said:

“The Chancellor has made decarbonisation a priority in the Spending Review and highlighted the energy networks’ vital role in helping the UK shift gear to achieve net zero carbon emissions in just 30 years’ time. We’re supporting the drive towards electric vehicles, a hydrogen economy, greener gas and the smart energy grid. To do all of this while providing the public with the best possible service requires significant private investment over the next three decades and a strong policy framework all backed up by a supportive regulatory regime. The government’s ambitions here are clear, and we look forward to helping this become a reality.”

ENA – the voice of the networks

We’re Energy Networks Association, the industry body for the energy networks. Our members own and operate the wires and pipes which carry electricity and gas into your community, supporting our economy.

The wires and pipes are the arteries of our economy, delivering energy to over 30 million homes and businesses across the UK and Ireland. To do this safely and reliably, the businesses which run the networks employ 45,000 people and have spent and invested over £60 billion in the last eight years.

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