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Taking a leading position

As one of the industry’s prime operators, Schmid Silicon Technology (SST) GmbH enjoys an enviable reputation and business that is built upon exceeding expectations and unrivalled knowledge. We put the questions to Dr. Burkhard Wehefritz, Director of the company’s Sales Development Department.

PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you explain a little about your company and how you serve the solar/PV industry?

Burkhard Wehefritz: SST is a technology and engineering company specialised on the development, design, construction, start up and maintenance of turnkey facilities, engineering services and components for the polysilicon and monosilane production, like Hydrochlorination, Disproportionation (author’s note TCS to MS) and monosilane CVD reactors. The company has been set up in 2006 and further developed a new generation production process compared to the traditional TCS Siemens process for the production of solar- and electronicgrade polysilicon.

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