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Studer presents the new generation of smart inverter- chargers, NEXT

In an online keynote, Studer has unveiled the details of the new range of smart inverter-chargers that will be launched in the market in the following months. The next3, an all-in-one 3-phase inverter-charger with 2 built-in solar high voltage MPPT inputs, and the next1, a range of single- phase low frequency inverter-charger, will complete the existing wide range of Studer power converters. The company confirms its position as high-end supplier of power electronic devices manufactured in the factory in Switzerland and specially conceived for battery-based systems.

Studer has published their annual keynote online (www.studerlive.ch) where the latest news and details of upcoming developments have been presented.

Studer ́s Management Team has presented the progress along the last year, including a new Xcom- 485i for Modbus communication. Also introducing OpenStuder, a platform for developers to integrate Studer devices in an advanced solution, with the supply of bidirectional communication bridges but also public libraries and examples of implementation for facilitating the integration.

The small brother of the variotracks, the VT-40, has been also presented. With the characteristics of the existing Variotrack in its genes, from its appearance to software that has been tried and tested for years. The hardware has been optimised to operate at lower power. This new device has a real place in the family of products for building autonomous systems with low energy requirements.

During the keynote address, the company has also described the new services line that is under development, Studer services. Extended warranty, financial services, a new web platform and professional monitoring tools are some of the services that the company wants to offer their clients along with the device.

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