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Steady growth for Degerenergie in 2008

Over the past year, DEGERenergie GmbH, Schopfloch, has set standards and established itself as global market leader with the technical finesse, innovative ideas and ongoing developments of its patented DEGERconecter controlled tracking systems.


The 20,000th DEGERtraker tracking system was delivered in June 2008 and turnover for 2008 is estimated at about 40 million Euros. Around 90% of this turnover comes from export business. A new technology centre is currently being built in Horb am Necker with a direct connection to the motorway. Provisional finish date for building work is December 2008.

The successful product series DEGERtraker 5000NT and 7000NT is now joined by a new product generation of double axis tracking systems called DEGERtraker 3000HD and DEGERtraker 5000HD (= Heavy Duty).

These systems have been especially developed for integration into building structures and for severe wind zones, for example on islands in the open sea, particularly because in many countries the solar power production on buildings brings in higher yields than on open areas.

The respective wind force zones are addressed by a design tool developed by engineers at DEGERenergie and which has been used in previous systems already. The basic configuration covers wind velocities of 170km/h (+ safety reserve); individual designs allow for this value to be increased up to 300km/h.

Furthermore, work was carried out on single axle low-cost systems. DEGERenergie now even offers this in an HD version for severe wind zones, the TOPtraker 25HD. DEGERenergie has also developed a single axle low-cost system for open areas designed for the creation of larger solar parks, namely the TOPtraker 40NT.

All standard solar modules can be mounted onto the DEGERtraker and TOPtraker.