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Sage Oil Vac adds flush capability to Gear Oil Exchange System

AMARILLO, Tex. – Sage Oil Vac’s Gear Oil Exchange System for wind turbines now features a flush system that improves fluid changes on gearboxes hundreds of feet above the ground. Gearbox flushes are becoming more common to remove sludge and varnish when performing oil changes.


Featuring a 120 gallon (454 liter) tank with a dedicated 330 foot (100.5 meter) hose, hose reel and pump, the flush system allows operators to lift the used oil hose, fresh oil hose and flush fluid hose up at the same time, thus reducing wear and tear on the winch. Sage Oil Vac’s flush system may be utilized in numerous ways. When the flush is complete, the flush fluid is vacuumed down into either the flush tank or the used oil tank. Flush fluids may be new oils or fluids designed specifically for flushing.

The flush system works in conjunction with the Gear Oil Exchange System’s standard operating features. Sage Oil Vac’s Barrel Straw vacuums the flush fluid into the flush tank, eliminating the lifting of heavy buckets, and reducing injuries, spills and contamination. A heating system heats the flush fluid to the desired temperature for optimal flow. If flush fluid is vacuumed into the flush tank, it may be reused by running it through the on-board filtration system that filters to ISO-accepted cleanliness levels.

Available in skid, open trailer or enclosed trailer configurations, the Gear Oil Exchange System features two 250 gallon (946 liter) or 390 gallon (1476 liter) tanks. Longer hose lengths are available for taller towers. Standard features include an on-board 3 micron filtration system, a heating system, 110% secondary containment pan, Barrel Straw, and air compressor.

Sage Oil Vac has been manufacturing lube equipment for on-site oil exchanges since 1993. Sage Oil Vac Lube Equipment can be found in a broad base of industries, including agriculture, oil and gas field services, construction, road building and the military. More information can be found at www.sageoilvacwind.com or via email at info@sageoilvac.com.


For more information, contact:
Kim Sage
Marketing Coordinator
Sage Oil Vac, Inc.
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