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Rehm Thermal Systems drive energy efficiency to unlock cost-of-ownership advantage

Rehm Thermal Systems has reduced the cost-of-ownership of the formation of reliable solder joints for customers around the world. Driven by a commitment to energy efficiency that characterises products such as the VisionXP reflow system, Rehm’s cost-of-ownership advantage is the direct result of low energy consumption values.


The VisionXP Convection Soldering System incorporates a series of advanced features designed to enhance energy efficiency – from optimised heat transfer and precise profiling, to a ‘thermally invisible’ conveyor system and high quality insulation. Unlocking operational benefits such as process reliability and ease of use, VisionXP is also equipped to cut maintenance by up to 50% through Pyrolysis, Rehm’s pioneering residue management system. Shortening long molecular chains to reduce the amount of condensable waste within the process chamber, Pyrolysis operates at approximately 500°C to ensure a clean and dry reflow system for efficient, environmentally-friendly disposal of contamination.

“Although every system manufacturer promises low consumption values, in most cases, manufacturer-specific data cannot be compared from one oven to the next,” explains Rehm Chief Commercial Officer Marc Dalderup. “That’s because data is calculated to make the system look good – with no concern for yield and ongoing productivity. But here at Rehm, we do things differently. We express energy consumption values as realistically as possible under routine conditions – not as the lowest achievable figures. So, when we say that our VisionXP system delivers energy efficient heat transfer for the lowest cost of ownership – it’s not just hot air!”

Since optimised heat profiling is critical to energy efficient soldering, VisionXP’s heat zones are each equipped with dedicated fans for maximum process control. Homogeneous heat input is achieved as a result of short heat zones which also allow for precision adjustable temperature profiles. Plus, the soldering system also features uninterrupted heating at the bottom as well as the top to avoid one-sided overheating. This advanced functionality allows for lower temperature settings for a further energy saving. The system’s unique conveyor systems ensure that no heat is carried over from one heat zone to the next at any point, while insulating materials minimise the release of heat into the atmosphere. The result is an energy efficient process for quality, reliable solder joints at the lowest cost-of-ownership.


About Rehm Thermal Systems

Rehm Thermal Systems (www.rehm-group.com) is an international supplier to the electronics and photovoltaic industries, specializing in convection, condensation and selective soldering, as well as curing and firing technologies. Rehm has manufacturing operations in Germany, China, and Russia, and technical support facilities throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Rehm Contact

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Marc J. Dalderup
Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
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Blauberen, Germany

Tel: +49 7344 96060
E-mail : m.dalderup@rehm-group.com

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