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PES North America

P and G Media is delighted to announce that the latest issue of Power and Energy Solutions, North America edition, is out now.

PES has become the de facto destination for wind power executives throughout the continent, and encompasses all the issues facing the industry today. In the new issue, as always, we open with Energy Source, our essential mix of news and views from the world of renewable energy, with a focus on North American affairs.


The regular and ever-popular comment pieces examine both the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and intellectual property, while the issue’s lead feature disseminates the future of wind logistics in the US, and looks at how seaways and rail networks can help forge a brighter future.

We cover wind logistics throughout the magazine in depth, with contributions from a raft of shipping and rail companies who discuss the best ways for transporting turbines across the continent. We also take a look at a new Harvard study into the potential of wind energy in the United States, while CanWEA reveals how Canadian provinces could soon be exporting surplus energy south of the border.

There’s an illuminating dispatch from Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, and an exclusive article that takes a look at the Department of Energy as it shifts its perspective to incorporate wind power. Meanwhile, the role of the Committee on Foreign Investment, which determines how much overseas control is exerted on domestic wind energy providers, is examined in depth.

This issue’s state focus is concerned with New York, where the blustery Atlantic coastline is gearing up for offshore development. And as always, the industry’s leading voices from the worlds of commerce and research have a chance to air their views via our popular Ask the Experts interviews.

And if you’ve never heard of BASE jumping, you’d be well served to take a look at our exclusive feature on this perilous parachute pursuit, which is threatening to overwhelm wind turbine operators with injuries, lawsuits and worse.

To find out more about this or any of the issues facing your industry, get your copy of PES North America, out now.