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PES new issue: whipping up a storm

In just a handful of days, the PES team will be packing their bags and heading to Germany for HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 – one of the most relevant and powerful trade fairs on the planet.

Naturally, we’ll be unveiling our latest issue while we’re there, and it’s well worth a look. We lead on onshore this time, which will come as a surprise to many, but given the huge emphasis on our offshore industry this past couple of years, it is a sector that’s deserving of an investigative eye.

We also turned our attention to the weather, courtesy of the UK’s Met Office, the latest Seanergy report, and a host of other pressing issues including Health & Safety.

H&S is the focus of our roundtable in this issue, and excellent it is too – and that’s purely down to our panel, which is comprised of the industry’s leading exponents. Of course, you’ll also find plenty of other incisive comment in the issue, courtesy of our columnists, interviewees and esteemed writers.

But that’s enough about the new issue for the time being. We’re focusing on the show for now, and on getting to meet as many of you as we possibly can. As always, if you see us, come and say hello – and of course, pick up your latest issue.

Enjoy the show (and the magazine).

Simeon de la Torre
Editor, PES