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PES Europe Offshore Special

PES is proud to announce the publication of its latest issue, which focuses on the offshore wind business, and features all the latest news and developments from across the world of wind power. The issue incorporates comment from all industry’s essential decision-makers as well as going behind the scenes of Europe’s growing offshore wind industry.


In our ever-popular Ask The Experts features, AOS’s Kurt E Thomsen describes the major challenges facing the industry, while the issue also focuses on wind power as the key to the future of EC electricity generation, as confirmed by a new TradeWind report. Ruth Spellman, meanwhile, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute, tells us that it is essential for the planet’s future that the ‘greening’ of business should continue well into the 21st century.

The Swedish capital of Stockholm is due to host European Offshore Wind 2009 this month, and this issue of PES offers readers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into both the salient issues at the three-day event, as well as who the keynote speakers are likely to be.

In our ever-popular ‘Country Focus’ feature, we look at Ireland. The island has some of the best natural wind resources in Europe and, despite economic difficulties, its government is determined to pursue a green energy agenda – we investigate just how its ambitious plans are faring.

Finally, the first green ‘rich list’ has just been published. PES looks at who the top 10 wind industry movers and shakers in the world are and uncover some surprising entries.