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NETZSCH is on board: “Rama Dama” initiative of the municipality of Waldkraiburg ensures a clean environment

With the initiative “Rama Dama,” the municipality of Waldkraiburg asks its citizens to help clean the cityscape. The term originates from the Bavarian language and means, “We clean up.” On 13 March, everyone was invited to pick up rubbish and litter lying around and place it in closed containers at public rubbish bins. The city then took care of the disposal. This year, employees of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems also took part in this clean-up campaign.

Adhering to a strict hygiene concept, twelve trainees were highly motivated and energetically grabbed their tongs and rubbish bags. Bottles, cans, face masks and plastic of all kinds went into the rubbish bags. “Thanks to the commitment, the streets and paths around the NETZSCH plants could be cleaned and freed of rubbish within a few hours,” Johann Vetter, Head of Quality Management at NETZSCH, is pleased to say.

True to the motto “Rama Dama,” the municipality of Waldkraiburg has been organising clean-up campaigns for more than ten years, calling on the city’s citizens to remove litter and rubbish from public paths, playgrounds, parks and roadsides. A small thank-you snack will awaite the participants, provided as soon as it is possible. However, the best thing about it is being able to move around in an environment that can breathe freely again.

In addition to this campaign, NETZSCH supports other environmental and climate protection initiatives because sustainability is a top priority for the company.

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