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My vision

Matias Setälä, Director of Silvasti Logistics, talks to PES about his personal ambitions and puts forward his thoughts about a brighter renewables industry.How did you come to be involved in the renewables industry?Some years ago our company was asked to participate in a tender for wind turbine project transports – that was the first time that I really got involved in the industry. After that, the renewable industry


has become one of the major fields of business for our company and also a personal interest for myself.

 PES: What are your predictions for the renewables sector?

MS: I think this sector will continue growing and become more and more important both socially and also economically. Certain decisions relating to the renewable sector have to be made in the future but I’m confident that this will happen and wind energy and other renewable energy sources will continue their development.

 PES: What’s the biggest threat to your industry right now?

MS: I think at the moment, the worldwide economical crisis is the biggest threat. Planned projects are ‘on ice’ due to lack of money and investors have become more and more careful. This also reflects directly into the project transport business; when money is not moving, the cargo isn’t moving either. But I’m sure that in the long-run, the industry will heal and that this may happen even quite soon.

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