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Imeon announces compatibility with the Italian battery manufacturer Weco.

This new compatibility between IMEON solar hybrid inverters and Weco’s Dual Voltage and Low Voltage batteries will increase the versatility of IMEON inverters.

Weco’s Dual Voltage battery is specifically designed for industrial and residential use, for high or low voltage systems. The Low Voltage battery can be mounted directly on the wall, or stacked as required.

The successful pairing project allows IMEON ENERGY to continue establishing international footprint alongside the world’s leading players in energy storage market. IMEON’s hybrid inverters are already compatible with multiple lithium battery brands, addition of Weco’s product to the list reinforces IMEON ENERGY’s commitment to revolutionize energy storage by improving its lifetime.

“The collaboration between IMEON ENERGY and Weco will allow our inverters to be more and more internationally present. The continuous development of compliance with major industrial players is a concrete proof of the performance and quality of our products. ” says Christophe Goasguen, president of IMEON ENERGY, adding: “The battery is one of the main components of hybrid solar systems for self-consumption, new compatibility will allow IMEON to attract attention of installers enabling them to widen their offer”.

Weco Dual Voltage and Low Voltage batteries are available for parallel installation to meet higher capacity requirements. IMEON’s solutions include the OS.ONE operating system, which is equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the life of the batteries through continuous adjustments.

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