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HyperSonic Ultrasonic Reciprocating System Provides a Proven Solution

HyperSonic Ultrasonic Reciprocating System Provides a Proven Solution for Scaling Up Solar Manufacturing Processes

Sono-Tek Corporation – Milton, NY announces the immediate availability of its new HyperSonic ultrasonic reciprocating coating system designed for processes such as Phosphoric Doping, CIGS coatings, anti-reflection coatings and various nanosuspension coatings for thin film and silicon solar cell production.


The system features uniform deposition of thin film layers with excellent stiction properties and durability. Capable of reciprocating speeds up to 79 inches/sec (2 meters/sec), HyperSonic is available in 3 sizes – 48 inch (122 cm), 38 inch (97 cm) or 24 inch (61 cm) width coverage and offers full PLC process control. The unit easily retrofits over existing conveyorized systems.

The core of Sono-Tek’s coating equipment is the non-clogging ultrasonic atomizing nozzle. Offered in several frequencies (allowing customization of drop size), it is known for tight drop distributions, minimal overspray and compatibility with common nanosuspensions used in thin film and silicon solar cell manufacturing.

A unique feature of all Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic coating systems is the deagglomeration of particles in suspension during the coating process. This can be particularly valuable in the deposition of CNTs and other nanosuspensions that are notorious for agglomerating. The ultrasonic vibration of the nozzle combined with Sono-Tek’s proprietary liquid delivery agitation systems provides this benefit.

Sono-Tek has been a leader in ultrasonic coating solutions for over 30 years with hundreds of systems installed at some of the largest solar cell manufacturers worldwide. Ultrasonic coating equipment ranges from XYZ motion platforms to solder bus fluxing machines and wide area thin film coating systems for both R&D and production volume solar cell manufacturing. Advanced options are available for each application.

Offering customers the ability to do atomization testing and process refinement at its in-house laboratory facilities, Sono-Tek is able to ensure the success of each customer’s process prior to installation.

For more information regarding the HyperSonic systemor for extensive information on all of Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic coating equipment, go to www.sono-tek.com or email inquiries to: info@sono-tek.com.