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Greening China with UK low-carbon business

UK Trade Minister Gareth Thomas has encouraged low-carbon tech business leaders to spark new waves of investment opportunities in China.

The Minister has endorsing the ideas coming out of China for the creation of Low Carbon Development Zones; Chinese cities and regions acting as pilots for policies to invigorate the large scale economic transformation required for a low carbon future.


He said: “These dynamic ideas for tackling emissions in China could form a central plank in the global effort to address climate change and present a substantial opportunity for British business partnerships in China.

‘We have the skills, expertise and technologies to take a leading role in helping China meet its ambitions to convert to an energy-secure, low carbon economy and we should seize the moment.’

The concept for the zones arose from think tanks in Europe and China, and were likely to be discussed at the EU-China Summit. The UK and other EU partners were hoping a commitment will be made by both Europe and China to draw up detailed proposals for co-operation.

Already, a number of large cities and provinces have expressed interest in the zones, with Guangdong province incorporating the low carbon zone into their five year plan.

Mr Thomas noted: ‘It will be for China to set out the framework for its low carbon development. But we want to ensure that UK and EU businesses have an opportunity to help shape the way in which the EU responds to their ideas.’